A Busy Day Indeed

We were busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest.

After driving the freeway to Mary’s, she jumped in her truck, and we returned to Huntington Beach to get some work done on the truck.

Mary’s hot rod truck!

Amazingly enough, the garage where she gets the truck worked on is o.3 miles from the art supply store, BUT due to the bridge reconstruction, it took us four miles to get there.

We wandered up and down the aisle, looking at everything, and they did have everything!  We got some brush cleaning fluid and three art books on how to get started drawing and painting.  Retirement, here we come!  When she paints, I plan to get a black bidet, perhaps with a small flower on it,  for her head, so she will look like the Parisian painters we always see in the movies.

The place was amazing!

After that, we headed for the beach, thinking we would go to the pier and have lunch.  Well, NOT SO FAST.  Mary spotted a Home Depot, so we stopped there, got some goodies, and looked for a storage container.

Then we spotted a Staples store and shopped there for a while, getting the file storage container.  Not enough shopping, we laughed and said Bed, Bath, and Beyond needed a visit.  OMG, we came out with a shopping cart full of goodies.  Not enough yet, we stopped at a See’s Candy Store to get some needed Valentine’s Day supplies.

Bargain: Something you can’t use, at a price you can’t resist.

Now what I don’t get are these people who, instead of buying a four-pack or an eight-pack of toilet paper, they buy the single individual roll; are they trying to quit?

Bargain Hunter: One who is often led astray by false profits.

Now it was time to head to the beach.  Before hitting PCH, we decided to go to the American Legion on Balboa Island as Mary is a member, and their menu for today was great!  Not everything is bad about the pandemic; the Legion had a drive-through bar!

Mary had salmon; I did the Ortega chicken, and we also added a pastrami sandwich!

Why the pastrami, you ask, well, today was National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day; we heard that on the TV this morning.

Since we had to eat in the car, we drove across the parking lot and aimed the Silver Fox at the harbor and watched the boats go by while we dined and had our bottle of vino!

Indoor dining, COVID style!

We watched a cleaning lady take care of the boat in front of us; someone must live on that boat if they needed a cleaning person!

A magnificent view!

We headed back to Huntington Beach to get the truck and went home, where we watered the dog, jumped into the car, and headed to Jan’s with the Lasagna Soup from yesterday.

We did not stay there as we needed to say hello to Jim at The Rib Trader.  We had some sweet potato fries at the Trader and a glass of wine before heading back home to crash.  We asked him how the business was doing and got its reply!

It’s nice to feel needed!

We had to have a second glass of wine after that!

Visiting Jim at the Trader!

We told Jim of the impending operation and, of course, got all sorts of sympathy.

I know that next week the teasing will begin; Mary is already calling me peg-leg!

I could not resist, so I fired back, and I know this will keep Jim puzzled for months to come!

OMG, what a day!  We finally got home about 8:00 PM and were tired, but we had a load of fun. A quick massage for Mary, and then I was off to Rossmoor to visit my house and say hello!  Tomorrow I had medical things to do to get ready for the operation.

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