Golf And Dancing! What A Life

What a beautiful day in Los Angeles.  It was in the 80’s but the ocean breeze kept things perfect.  We had blue skies and met a new friend from another club.  We had our obligatory drink on the 19th before heading to the Phoenix Club to dance with 75 of our friends… Like doesn’t get better than this!

Sue prepares to wack the ball right down the fairway

Dancing to Joni James and the Little Big Band

Remember: Beauty, truth, friendship, love, creation –  these are the great values of life. We can‚t prove them, or explain them, yet they are the most stable things in our lives.   — Jesse Herman Holmes

About Paul

Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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