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Thursday Means “Girls Night Out!”

Thought For The Day:  Have you ever tried to eat a clock? It’s very time-consuming.

First things first, I headed for the garden bright and early at 6:00 AM so I would miss the heat that was predicted.  I worked for about three hours, cleaning out the last of the big tomato plants and turning the soil.

The plants are beautiful until the fruit starts to get ripe, and then the plant gets UGLY with a capital “UGH.”  This plant was destined for the trash heap.

The tomato plants were done for this season.

The fig tree is going crazy, so I washed it down with water and hosed off the dropped fruit.  It took about an hour to get everything back in order.

It was 10:30 AM and time to get ready for the weekly “Girls Night Out.”  At 11:00 AM, I headed to Santa Ana for a rendezvous with the guys at the Elks Lodge.  We laughed and giggled for a good hour and a half before returning to “normalcy.”  Great fun with an exceptional group of friends.

They are just being boys!

While I tried to resist, three of the guys held me down and FORCED me to dine on the berry cobbler.  It was a traumatic experience, but I fooled them!  Using the old switcharoo, I finished the bowl with chopsticks.  If you use chopsticks, there are no calories.!

I was forced to consume vast quantities!

Returning home, I talked to Bob, who is building me a brick wall, and I arranged to have an inspector come out and finalize the electrical box on the first of September.

I napped for an hour and then got ready to go to dinner with Marilyn Bailey, a dear friend going back many moons.

Robin came in about 4:00 PM, and we called Colleen and chattered for a good hour before I had to get ready for dinner.   The Grey Ghost was prepared to move, and at 6:00 PM, we shot out of here expecting a lot of traffic on the 405.  Well, to our surprise, we made it to eh restaurant in eighteen minutes.  That means only one thing, martini time!

Marilyn and I talked for an hour and a half while dining on hot Indian food.  We reminisced about the years of dancing we enjoyed and all the great friends we have.

Just before Marilyn arrived, a gust of wind came by and blew over the umbrellas.  It was a Chinese Fire Drill watching everyone scurry to get them back up and fold them for the evening.

We had wind, and the umbrellas took a dump!

After leaving, I talked to Mary about this weekend, and we are solidifying the logistics.  Who goes where when.

Returning home, I talked to Robin, who was staying the night.  We chatted for quite a while before crashing.

I ran into this picture from six years ago with Great Grandma Sue and Lilly at Old Ranch.  Both of them look pretty happy.  I wish Sue could be around to see Lilly grow into a fine young woman.

Great-grandma Sue with Lilly.

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