…And Another Opportunity To Do Good Begins!

It broke our hearts to lose you, but you didn’t go alone,
For a part of us went with you the day God called you home.
~ God’s Garden, Author unknown

To this day, I have no idea how she stayed so perfect all day.  We could work in the garden and come out ready to go out on the town, and I looked as if I had just had a mud bath!  Below we had just stopped for a glass of wine on our way to Diane’s home in San Jose.  A glass of wine and a sandwich, and we were off again on our eight-hour journey.  She was such an incredibly bright lady, always up to date on world events, and interested in everything.

We never ran out of things to talk about, and maybe it was because we didn’t remember the previous conversations?  Who knows, but we always were talking and sharing.   Early on as we grew to know each other we talked about “feelings” and she would always say, “Those are your feelings and they are not wrong, their yours”.

Sue always loved my kids including one with which we were and are estranged.  She would say, “She is the best person she can be” never going negative on the individual even after being treated poorly.   It is my desire to be half the person she was and then I will feel successful in life.  She was amazing.

Always perfect!


Happy Birthday, Mom!  Rita Goss, Sue’s mother, and my great friend would have been ninety-three today.  We lost her in 1999 but she stays alive in my heart!

At our Pumpkin Carving Party at Halloween we had a wonderful judge!

Thank you, Tom Burns, for the video link!  It was indeed relaxing in these troubled times!  Thank you for remembering me!

This morning started slowly as I just straightened things up, worked on the diary, and planned for some gardening this afternoon.  But first, I brushed my tooth and them my hair, and then, taking a severe life-threatening chance, I stepped upon the evil bathroom scale.  It purred, whirled around, made obscene sounds, and subsequently displayed 188 pounds. The 190-pound glass door was broken!

I worked for an hour in the kitchen, doing some rearranging, and throwing things out.  The light over the counter was replaced with a new 120W LED light.  The bright light will assist me in reading the small print on all these little packages when I cook.

To the back yard to see what tasks needed to be accomplished.  My portable/movable pots were at their end of life, and the tomatoes, potatoes, and cucumbers were removed.  New additives were added into the containers, and mulch replaced.  Tomorrow, they will get some new plants.

All ten barrels got a fix of new chemistry. The first three are getting ready for a bath.

For lunch, the Calzone was awaiting my arrival.  Into the oven at 350 degrees, and ten minutes later, it was time to dine.  I poured a glass of Sue’s exceptional wine and just enjoyed the meal.

Lunch was just right!!! Courtesy of Mary, Calzone Queen!

Colleen and I talked after lunch, and she forwarded a picture of Jax and Emerson. They are looking pretty good. Emerson is three weeks old!

Granddaughter Jax and great-granddaughter Emerson!

Tonight is “Curtain Call” night, meaning the shower curtains go up, and we all meet in Vicky’s back yard for dinner.  Tonight it was Irene, Ed, Vicky & Del, and yours truly.   We giggled and laughed form 5:00 PM until after 8:00 PM.  Great fun!

Dinner is served, Vicky is very organized.

We paid tribute to the ladies.  These special people left this Earth six months ago and will forever be missed.

Six months ago, these beautiful ladies left this Earth nine days apart.

Now you know what the Iron Cross refers too.  The mechanism supports four heavy duty shower curtains, which make sure the Covid-19 stays away from each of us.

The Iron Cross was in action tonight.

Dinner was served, and we talked and remembered and talked and remembered for three hours.

Vicky and Del, our hosts for this evening, as seen through the looking glass.

Having the camera was fortunate as we came out just fine!

Irene and I sat together and giggled all night.

Ed was doing great this evening, and the grief comes and goes, as with me, but we both seem to be doing better.

Ed’s picture was good because the camera was moved in front of the curtain.

As I departed, I caught one more glimpse of our ladies.  We had twenty plus years of knowing each other with lots of adventures to remember.

Beautiful people were taken from us much too early.

Did I mention that I made an order from Amazon Prime?  Instead of going to the liquor stored and finding out their inventory was off, Amazon was contacted about 11:00 AM, and these little gems landed at my doorstep at 2:15 PM.  One will go to Mary’s house, and the others will be saved as a backup here.

Stocked up, meet Mr. Ready. Willing and Able.

At 10:00 PM, I was tired and decided to call it quits.  I am done for the day, time to watch the boob tube before crashing.

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