Hello Wednesday, You are Going To Be A Great Day!

” Grief I’ve learned is just love. It’s all the love you want to give but cannot. All of that unspent love gathers up in the corners of your eyes, the lump in your throat, and in that hollow part of your chest. Grief is just love with no place to go.” – Anonymous

It’s now been twenty-four weeks since Sue left this Earth, and not a day goes by that I don’t feel that unspent love.  We had a beautiful life together, truly a match made in heaven.  She was such a good person.  Below she is with Irene, a dear friend, who is like a Mom to both of us. Irene spent many many hours with me when Sue was so sick these last two years, and I will always appreciate her being there for us.   Mary sent me this picture from the Candlelight Dinner Theater from the Christmas Play.

Today was twenty-four weeks, almost six months since she departed, but she is not far away as we talk all the time.  I love you, dear one, and always will!

Sue and Irene at the Christmas Play in December


Zap, up and ready to see the dermatologist, as I noticed a couple of “places” that may need attention.  Well, he took three biopsies and not I look like I was in a bar fight, and I didn’t win!  Oh well, better safe than beautiful.

A Bat Phone call was placed to Colleen to check-in and she asked, “What happened to you?”  I told her the truth and then told her I had a great story for the girls, something about a bar fight!

Today we celebrate Amy and Joe’s anniversary, fifteen years!  Wow, it seems like yesterday! The picture below was a few years back, where we all got together at Lascari’s in Whittier to celebrate something!

Dinner with family!

It’s a busy day today.  Lunch with Robin at 11:00 AM,  a stroll with Mary on Main Street Seal Beach at 1:00 PM and dinner with Irene at Patty’s Place at 6:00 PM.  The weather has turned cool all of a sudden. The high is supposed to be 75 degrees, so a coat will be in the back seat of the Grey Ghost today!

Lunch/brunch with Robin was great.  We got right in at Hof’s Hut and proceeded to plan the weekend.  Robin is working on Saturday, so perhaps we will see each other.

After lunch, I drove home and passed by a neighbor who cuts hair.  My thought was, “Get a haircut and begin to look human again!” He was taking appointments three weeks from now!  There must be a lot of other hairy people around.  I made the appointment!

Mary suggested we meet at Patty’s Place, and that was perfect as Main Street was only two blocks away.  We walked by the Tea House, and Mary remembered going there with other lady doctors a few years back.   We decided to walk to the end of the pier (see the video below, which was found on YouTube).

Then we hit the sand and walked clear to the jetty.  Mary was amazed that the VA Hospital was so close.  I told her it was about 1.9 miles from our location on the beach.

By the time we got back to the pier and Main Street, it was time for a drink, and the word “wine” came to mind.  We went to Bistro St. Germain, which has superfood and an eclectic selection of wines!

The Bistro added tables on the sidewalk due to the Covid-19 scare.

We only had time for one bottle, that sounds funny!  Mary had to head home to take care of Scout, the Wonder Dog, and Irene is coming to my home at 5:30 PM to go to her birthday dinner!

Mary approved of my choice in wines. We got tickled when she discovered the name on the wine was like hers!  We both had a good laugh.

Then Mary discovered the name!

Time to head for home.  We walked to Electric Street and passed by the old Red Car Museum on our way back to Patty’s Place.  I mentioned that my Mom and I would ride the streetcars to go shopping downtown Los Angeles and sometimes ride all the way to the Long Beach area to visit family.

It was a fantastic system over seventy years ago!!

The museum is still in excellent condition!

So sad they were taken out of service and all those right-of-ways lost!

On our way back, we could tell we walked quite a bit.  Walking in the sand was a chore.

We walked a fair distance, must be because we are both dancers?

Someone walked the Seal Beach Main Street path we took using an HD camera.

Mary is off to see Scout, and I returned home to await Irene.  Going out to dinner was Irene’s first time outside in a “public” area in months, so I arranged to have her in the corner so she knew who was nearby and we could shoo them off should they get too close!

Irene is such a wonderful person.

It’s her 86th birthday, so a celebration was needed. A steak was an obvious choice, and she asked Chuck, “Is it going to be tender?” We got an affirmative response.  Because of breakfast, I went simple, French onion soup and a shrimp cocktail!

She wanted a good steak, and she got it!  I think it was half the cow!

We both told Chuck no dessert, so with nothing to put the candle in, he improvised!  OK, the truth be told, we shared a key lime pie with me getting all the whipped cream!

Chuck surprised Irene with a cake!

It was a delightful day, surrounded by beautiful ladies and dining and exercising. Normalcy may be returning.

Tomorrow I am off to the Santa Ana Elks for “Lunch With The Guys” but the Spa Salad will be my selection after today!

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