It’s Onsdag! (Wednesday In Danish)

“Your life was a blessing your memory a treasure… you’re loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.”

July was Sue’s birthday month, and we went to our regular places like clockwork, but I knew something was wrong as we missed 2019, the first time since 1987!  Sue was just not up to the fair last year, but I remember for thirty-one years, we went many times a season and always had “Ten Pound Buns” for our meal.   The European version was chock full of tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, bell peppers, and heaps of cheese.

2020 is the second year I have missed the Orange County Fair as the pandemic caused it to be canceled.  I miss pushing Sue around in her chair and into every nook and cranny at the fair.  We even managed the sky-chairs, yes, she got me into that scary ride also.  Of course, Sue loved parking at the yellow gate because it was immediately adjacent to the dast I say it, Ferris Wheel!

It does not seem like summer without you, my dearest one. “Missed beyond measure” does not begin to say how much!  I love you, Sue!

Sue’s favorite fair food, Ten Pound Buns, European style.

Sue could spot this stand three blocks away.  I am not sure if it was eyesight or the aroma?

DEL MAR, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 27: Ten Pound Buns at the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar.


Today will be an adventure as I plan a voyage to Temecula and enjoy a lunch with Lee and her son at La Ponte Winery.  Located just outside the Ponte Vineyard tasting room, The Restaurant at Ponte offers casual American dining in an al fresco setting that features locally grown produce, cheeses, and wild-caught or sustainably-farmed seafood and all-natural hormone-free meat and game. Among their specialties: Pan-seared lamb with pistachio mint pesto sauce, and grilled bacon-wrapped meatloaf with roasted Roma tomatoes and cheddar horseradish mashed potatoes.

The drive was pretty easy as the Grey Ghost made it in one hour flat to Lee’s home in Lake Elsinore.  We visited for an hour before leaving for Temecula Valley.  Lee’s son was in town from Colorado, so I wanted to meet him and say hello!

The misters were misting!

We had a great lunch, and the seafood pasta jumped out at me, so the diet was ignored, but that’s OK as the 190-pound barrier was broken, I needed a reward.

The misters helped keep the temperature down!

The three of us chattered to an hour or so before heading back to Lee’s house and me jumping on the freeway.

All smiles!

Lee has a pet, and I think its name is Cat, so I found this cartoon today, which is probably close to the truth!


I had just turned on the freeway heading to LA when the phone rang, and Lee asked, “Did Brian leave his phone in the back seat?”  I pulled over and sure thing, there it was connected to the charging cable, so the Grey Ghost did, and 180 and we went back to Lee’s place.  The U-turn just took about fifteen minutes, so no biggy.

After getting home, I put the last four LED four-foot fluorescent replacement lights in the kitchen overheads.  OMG, the kitchen is so bright now!  It was 8:00 PM, so I switched on the news and napped through half of it.  To the office to finish off the diary and them to bed!  Why does driving tired me out?

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