The Week Started With A Bang, Buzz, Whirrrr, And A Crash!

“Life is not the way it is supposed to be. It is the way it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference.” – Virginia Satir

We went through the Panama Canal four times in our travel about the globe, and Sue was always amazed at the canal and its operation.  That a new ship could sail through a one-hundred-year-old man-made marvel of science and technology was hard to believe.  She stayed glued to the railing during the passage through the locks, and we talked about how amazing the canal was for ships around the world.

She loved the cruises because every night we could get dressed up and dance to an orchestra playing ballroom dance music just for us.  We would drink champagne, exit the dance floor to cool off and watch the world go by beneath our feet!  Always a smile and a kind word.  I miss her more all the time.

Amazed by the Panama Canal

Today it was work around the house day.  The Contractor came in at 11:00 AM and was amazed at the world I had done over there weekend.  In trade, he is going to help me do the electrical as he is young and able to move up in the attic much better than me.

I first thing this morning, and all is well at Disneyland East.

I am checking in with Colleen first thing in the morning.

The bathroom was beaconing me, and I estimated I had completed 90% of the tear-out of the wall. I spent close to an hour tracing all the wiring and trying to determine which circuit breaker which plug came from and which one I’m going to use when I do the rewire.

The tub will soon be gone.

The room has been remodeled at least three times because I found two other doorways from when the house was a four-bedroom configuration. I am now down to the sink level and will stop and wait for my Contractor since he has done this many many times.

Now we can see the “wiring.”

While taking a well-deserved rest, someone sent me the picture below. I remember Apollo for very well, and I was inside the cockpit many times while I was in Downey, California. Each of the panels was separate and independent and was connected via miles of wiring and hundreds of connectors. Are used to know how many toggle switches there were on all of the display and control panels, I know it was well over 100.

When I moved on to the shuttle program, many of the design features on the early shuttle took their heritage directly from Apollo. The digital screens were an afterthought as many people were worried about their ability to function in space.

When I studied the pictures of the Dragon display and control panels on Dragon, I had to laugh a little bit. It almost looks like a sophisticated Xbox! We have come a long way, baby!

How amazing to see the changes in my lifetime.

After a short rest, I needed to go to the market, so it about 4:00 PM, I departed for Ralph’s. I love my Alexa, as it keeps track of my shopping list for me. The only thing I could not find was the whole cumin seed, but I will look again next week. I needed those for a homemade bread recipe I wanted to try.

My shopping list!

I was back home by 5:30 PM, and I did the cleanup duty, sweeping the floor, running the vacuum, putting up the tools, and just getting everything ready for tomorrow morning.

The “can” is now gone but not forgotten!

Bye-bye vanity

While I was outside in the garage, I noticed the beautiful sunset looking directly west from my workbench. I quickly put the tools back in their proper places and went out to the driveway to take a better look.

I was going to walk, but I waited too long!

No, it was not the fires from the looting in Long Beach, it was good old mother nature putting on a show.

I watched the sunset as I set up the new saw!

The show only lasted about 8 to 10 minutes, so I stood there and just admired her beautiful creations.


I drug myself into the shower and stood under the hot water for probably 15 minutes, thank goodness for the tankless water heater. After getting out, I put Aspercreme on my hands as they were sore from working all day.

My evening call to Colleen just to check-in, and then I called Lee to see how she was doing down in Lake Elsinore. I was going to sit in the living room and watch TV, but I was so sore I decided being horizontal would be better.   I made myself a cup of coffee and watched “Haven” and “S[ace Force” before crashing at 10:00 PM.  Tomorrow is going to be an electrically charged day!

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