Sliding Toward The Weekend!

“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal. – From an Irish headstone.”

We were blessed with a beautiful family, albeit it blended!  Our oldest Great Grandchild is Lilly, daughter of our grandson, Zachary,  and his bride, Rebecca.  Even though Lilly was pretty young here, we wanted to have her get used to Old Ranch, and we expect her to learn how to play golf on the premises.  As you can tell, Great Grandma Sue was tickled pink to have Lilly join our family.  Not having Sue’s remarkable smile and kind words around is tough, but I can hear her talking and know what she would say when events occur. She was an amazing woman and the light in my life.

Lilly and Sue at Old Ranch

Today is Thursday, so I walked the house to make sure everything was in its place and, amazingly, it was.  A couple of loads of wash was dried and hung up.  The dishwasher is empty, and I went through the refrigerator, looking for any “science projects” that needed to head for the trash tomorrow.  All is well.

Time for breakfast and to attempt to keep my girlish figure in check, I decided cereal would be in order!  But first, a trip to the garden was needed!  I headed outside, using VFR, to the Liles’ Berry Patch, where I collected a bunch of berries!

Nummy nummy mummy!  Right off the berry bush!  From bush to cereal in three minutes!

At 9:30 AM, I headed to Bob Z’s abode as he and I are driving to the Laguna Canyon Winery to do a pickup. We visited with the owner,  Marlowe J. Huber.  He knew us quite well and was shocked to find out his favorite customer, Sue, had passed.

The sign is still right outside the tasting room!

We talked for quite a while and then collected his special of the month, which was six bottles of great wines ranging from dark red to brilliant chardonnay.  I also mentioned Ed and Kathy Roberts, and again, he was surprised and quite sad.

Tasting in the Laguna Canyon Winery barrel room watching the world go by!

I returned home, and Bob followed me about an hour later, meeting at my house before we went to Old Ranch.  We had a 3:10 PM tee-time, and Chuck A joined us.  The three of us had a swell time and with similar senses of humor the laughter was non-stop!

Another three miles, I plan to win the battle of the bulge!

We laughed and giggled the entire time.  It was one of those days where 50% of my hits were textbook, and 50% were, let us say, sub-par!  No, let’s say POOPY!! After thinking about the situation, I know that the bad shots were pretty much due to my mind wandering thinking about the thousands of miles Sue and I walked on this course over the past fifteen years. Six miles a day times four days a week times 50 weeks a year times 15 years is 18,000 miles!

The might whooooosh, and POP sound comes as Bob’s clubhead breaks the sound barrier!

We stayed six feet apart, but we DID NOT wear those silly masks all afternoon.  We had them on when we hit from the first tee and put them back on when we reached the green on hole nine.

Just like politicians, pointing fingers at each other!

I am NOT getting my picture taken until my white legs get some color!

OK, my legs are not THAT bad so I might consider instant-tan cream if a week’s worth of Sun does change the color. I would suggest hearing protection and I lift the war stick into the air and make a mighty blow at the ball sending it ripping through the air on its way to the bushes lining the fairway.

Carefully addressing the ball, I said, “Hello Mr. Ball, please, pretty please, go straight!”

So today was another 10,682 steps and four miles, so I am keeping up the pace.  After watching the news for a few minutes, the phone rang.  It was Charlotte who invited me to a 12:50 PM tee-time on the back nine, an invitation I shall keep!

I chatted with Colleen for a while and recanted the magnificent golf shots I made cleverly forgetting the shots into the trees, lake, and surrounded flower beds. She did not believe that I was link Kim Jong Un and made nine hole-in-ones.

By 9:00 PM, I was starting to drag, so I raided the refrigerator absconding with a small bowl of fresh cherries and sequestered myself in the master bedroom with the idea of trying to catch up with Lee who completed the “Being Erica” shows.

Good night all!


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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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