It Is Saturday; I Had To Ask Alexa As I Lost Track!

Sue, My Soulmate

I still say I Love You,
But now there’s no reply.
I always feel your presence
As if you never left my side.

I remember your comforting voice.
Now there’s not a sound.
Only echoes from the past
Follow me around.

You’re always by my side,
But I can’t hold your hand.
The reason why God took you
I find hard to understand.

Summer days seem much shorter.
Dark nights just linger on.
Dreams turn into nightmares
When the one you love has gone.

But real love never fades.
It still burns like the sun.
Although they’re far away,
Those memories go on and on.

Her spirit will never die
It shines like the stars.
I know you’re sleeping in heaven,
But you’re living in my heart.

Courtesy of John P. reed


We were always busy doing something; sometimes, it was a simple as a walk in the Huntington Beach Wetlands.  Three-four miles around the estuary on a blustery day was invigorating. My beautiful wife loved to walk, and she could go all day.  This picture was snapped in 2006 just after we retired. Hand-in-hand, that’s how we did it!

She was leaning into the wind so she would not blow away!

To the garden and out with the “weeds.”  OK, they are not weeds but sprouted hayseeds, which remained in the straw I bought because I put the mulch on a little earlier than planned. I usually let the straw bales sit outside and water them for a month or so before spreading them as mulch, which is known as aging the tightly bound bundles. I did about 40% of the garden and will attack the remaining 60% tomorrow.

Today was sad, and I do not know precisely why.  I just miss my Sue so much, so I talk to her as I roam around the house. I know she is smiling back.

The Amazon delivery of the patio table cover arrived today, so it went on immediately.  Now I can have my dinner outside on the patio with all “new” furniture, well, at least the covers are new!

This cover would be the second one we had in the past ten years, but it keeps the beautiful furniture underneath perfect!

I watched the rest of the movie “2012” this afternoon, and now I remember watching it previously, but I think I slept through some of it last time.  I still like real science fiction movies like “Creature From The Black Lagoon.”

I even enjoyed seeing the zipper down the back of the lizard’s scary costume!

Go ahead, watch the video below and you will know why it was so scary!  1954 I was eleven the perfect age to have fear permanently engraved in my little brain.  To this day, I do not go near black lagoons!

On my “to do” list is an item called “fix the headboards.”   Nothing is “broken,” but I just never attached the headboards to the bed.  Since I now have house guests, Robin and Mitch, I decided I had better get the situation fixed properly.  To the lumber-yard, I made it just under the wire.  They closed at 3:00 PM today!   I am ready for tomorrow morning and a three-hour adaptation/repair task! Nuts, bolts, and several pieces of 1×6, and I am prepared to go!

I placed some calls and notably, to Diane, Sue’s sister.  She makes me feel “connected” for some reason.  She is a lovely lady who shared with me her “Zoom Adventures.”  What is that you ask?  Zoom is a new popular app that lets you hold teleconferences (meetings) with almost anyone.  It’s easy to use.  I have a 6:00 PM “get together” planned tonight!

The best part of the day was dinner.  I prepared wild apricot salmon with pistachio rice along with roaster carrots.

Amazing, I would have never added apricot pieces and jam on top of salmon!

Their rendition looks fantastic, mine not so much, but by the time I am done cooking, all I want to do it eat and snap a picture.

I loved the dinner and will do it again. The pistachio rice was exotic!

I had my glass of wine, one, and then did the cleanup!  This phase of dinner, I have mastered.  Nine minutes flat, the kitchen went from a disaster to looking great!

But after dinner was the challenge, it was called ZOOM!  I invited Vicky and the Zaitz, but Vicky could not figure it out, so it was Bob and Donna for a while.  Then I decided to invite Colleen and Robin, both of them are wizards and popped right into the conference call.  The four of us talked for almost an hour.  I recorded the whole thing, and the recording was 1.6 GB!

Friends and family make me feel good, especially this time of the evening. (I had a unique background selected just to drive Colleen crazy!)

With this cast of characters, I could never be lonely, and now they know each other quite well!  Colleen and Robin are always happy to join in with us “seasoned citizens,” making it a cross-generation spectacular!  I enjoy it because the young learn from the old, and the old learn from the young! Thank you all!

A little TV before bedtime was called for, so I watched the news.  I tried to listen to CNN, but they are so biased; it was like listening to Radio Moscow in the 1950s.  They didn’t last but about four minutes.

When I take up at 4:00 AM tomorrow I will probably be sorry but at least I get to listen to “The Dark Secret Place” on KFI tonight!

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet. I lost my best friend and wife in early 2020. I was blessed again by reconnecting with Dr. Mary Côté, a long-time friend. Mary and I got married July 28th, 2021, and are enjoying life together and plan to spend the rest of our lives being a blessing to our friends and family.
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