Three Weeks; Three Long Weeks

Our moments together were precious and few, but I cherished them all more than you knew.

We loved Catalina and went there on our anniversary, Sue’s birthday, and the Avalon Ball plus any other time we could find an excuse.  We almost bought a second home on the island since we were there so often. She was always so happy and ready for another adventure.

2011 at the Wrigley mansion celebrating our anniversary

I popped up and had a cup of coffee before heading out to do errands.  The legal paperwork needed a Notary Public, so I went to the local real estate office and got the job done.  Then to the post office to mail the Boeing retirement paperwork.  I found out the post office, at least ours does NOT do passport photos.  So tomorrow, I will visit the AAA around the corner and get the passport photo done.  London and Paris are my targets so I can visit the Finch’s and see Paris go to the top of the Effiel Tower like Sue wanted to do one more time.

By the time I returned home, it was time to clean up and go to lunch with Robin at the Yucatan Grille. Sue loved that place as it always had veggie tamales and Kendle Jackson chardonnay!

Blue skies and seventy degrees, Spring is here!

After Robin went back to work, I headed home to continue cleaning the kitchen and then getting ready for dinner with the Cathey’s at Patty’s Place.  I opened up the Instant Pot and set all the goodies on the counter.  The instruction book was in tiny print, so I had to get the intense lights on and read them twice.

A brand new contraption to deal with in my expanded spare time!

Yes, and DO NOT LAUGH, it is Wi-Fi connected to my computer and phone, so I can command it while out and about.  This morning I went on YouTube and watched several versions of beef stew and pot roast, so tomorrow I shall pass by the market and gather the makings.

At 4:00 PM, I again prepared to depart the premises and head back down to Patty’s Place to have dinner with James and Linda, long time golf friends.  We sat for about two hours and talked about life and the great times we had with Miss Sue and her fantastic golf games.  The “Johnny Yuma Sandwich” was my selection, and with all the jalapeno’s in it, I was quite warm all the way home.

James & Linda

The kitchen sirens were calling as I passed by Bed, Bath, and Beyond, so I did a fly-by picking up a mat to stand on while cooking, some hot-chocolate K-cups, and an orange-red table cloth just to change things around a bit!

By the time I got home, it was time to call my daughters on the Bat Phone, so I called the three of them, followed by Joe.  “Check-in” went well, and we are attempting to arrange a trip from LA to Salt Lake City pretty soon to see Laurie, Sue’s high-school best friend.

It is now 8:00 PM and the day is done but there are four hours to go.  If Sue were here we would find something great to do but by myself, I must amuse me!  Back tot he computer where I went through my BofA accounts, paid a couple of bills, set up the website for the new two dances (Topper’s and Starlighter’s) and set up the WiFi to the InstantPot.  Done, I headed to bet at 10:00 PM.   Without Sue, watching TV is boring so I changed things around and watched the “Discovery” channel.

I have a plan of attack for the Corona Virus now!

I woke up about 12:30 PM because someone touched me.  It was from Sue. touching my leg to wake me up.  She had been working late on a proposal at Boeing and was dressed in a red business suit.  I remember asking her how the meeting went but she was gone.  It was so real, I was startled.  I think she wanted me to watch another hour of the Discovery Channel and I did.  The last time I remember was 1:30 AM when I turned on CoastToCoastAM on KFI-640.

Memories keep coming.  Sue and I would go here once a month for years and years, late in the afternoon, and have the most delightful meals in magical surroundings.  They closed about ten years ago and never reopened but once a year I would look for them on-line.  It was simply an amazing place to dine!

Having lunch at our favorite place, Ambrosia in Santa Ana atop the Bank Of America,

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