A Week And A Day

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future and accepts you just the way you are.”

We traveled the world, seeing six continents traveling with Crystal Cruises and riding everything from Camels to four-wheel hot rods!

All night long, I remembered our adventures.  We flew over the outback, hot air ballooned in mid-Australia,  slid on leather pants in Germany in a salt mine, went through the Panama Canal five times,  sailed in the Med and South Pacific,  spent days in Singapore and walked miles in Toyoko, rode the Bullet Train,  visited Big Ben, drank wine in France, and so much more. We saw the world; now, it was time to see home!  That option is now gone.

When I finally came out of my room around 7:00 AM, after another terrible evening, it was time to take action and walk! I guzzled my coffee and braced for the cold morning air. Out the door like a shot with my headphones listening to the Blaze radio, hat placed on top of my head, and the GPS Pacer software running.  I easily did a mile in 20 minutes.

Not too bad after a two-year hiatus (In 2017 I walked 1000+ miles)

This morning Colleen departed early to do some errands, and I was alone.  Methinks Colleen is doing this on purpose to make sure I am OK alone and doing it a little more every day; she is sneaky in the most loving way!

I was listening to Rush using my Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones when I saw a flash at the front door.  It was Vicky, and she scared me to death.  She visited for a while and began talking about Sue, and I just cried the whole time.  Finally, I remember to pick up the iPhone and capture just a minute of her conversation.  I wished I had the presence of mind to capture the whole thing!

We have settled on dates for the burial at sea and Celebration of Life.  The Good Lord was helping us as Colleen will be on the west coast with hubby Mark who is on business that week, Diane’s family is free as it is Easter break, grandchildren from the east coast will be out; I love it when a plan comes together.   We have had offers from three bands to play music at the ceremonies (not to dance but play her music).

I was recalling yesterday and talking to Lee.  She was able to share first hand the loss of a life partner.  The all-night nap-a-thons are just nature’s way of coping with a loss. It was helpful. Lee enjoyed the interactions with the kids and seeing them now taking care of dad!

Friends since 1959, sixty-one years!

Sue and Lee hit it off ten plus years ago, and, as it turns out, Lee did speed skating along with Bob Z. back in the day!

Nine years ago, after a dance at the GG Elks!

While in the garage, I thought I heard a message from another daughter who I have not heard from in a while.  I quickly reached for the new-fangled digital land-land phone and somehow deleted the message?  So, I am not sure who it was?  Any phone that has a 217-page instruction book ought to be redesigned!

Colleen and I are going out to dinner tonight, perhaps Old Ranch or Patty’s Place.  I had Becca-Taco’s for lunch, GOOD GROCERIES!  Becca made the offer that I could come over anytime; I may have to have the grandkids make another place setting for dinner!  Thank you, Miss Becca!

Zack loved his Grandma now Zack is taking care of his Grandpa, the world turns and times change!

Sue used to carry him around the house and sing him songs; Jon would put her on the curb to get a hug!!  They would both laugh!

I helped Colleen pack up Muffy and family for the big move.  Vicky came by and got Sue’s wheelchair for Del.  I am sure Sue is smiling about that!  Vicky and Del have been such amazing friends and neighbors.

Colleen and I decided to go to Patty’s Place and visit Chuck, out bartender and a good friend.  We both had French onion soup and shared some friends and a drink or two. Chuck remembered Sue and the many times we were together.  He pulled out his phone and watched a YouTube video and then back into his shirt it went.  Colleen asked, “What was that about?” Chuck hesitated and then decided to show Colleen.

Several years back, Chuck was turning 60 and needed a venue.  We volunteered Old Ranch and hosted the party for Chuck.  Chuck as his own MC and singer.  The video shows Sue and I dancing away even though she was hurting from the continuous pain from the back surgery.  She was the definition of a trooper!

Colleen, Joe and I shared a somewhat common sense of humor and enjoy each others company

Enjoying my beautiful daughter

We returned home and crashed early as we have another adventure tomorrow.

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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