Do I Keep Going?

Thanks, Al, you and my family were right!

I was ready to give up the Daily Diary, but my family encouraged me NOT to stop. I did not know how many people read the thing! All these years, I kept the diary going so Sue and I could remember what we did when using a simple word search. Now, I have to watch my spelling and punctuation! Oh, the pressure. Hey, what the heck! I am 75, and I have no stress!

Diane, Collen, and I had a pot of coffee and awaiting the arrival of Pete and Lisa.   I was so happy Colleen and Diane was here as I had to make the call to the Neptune Society. Between the three of us, we got all the information to Maureen.  Especially tricky were the counties where Sue’s parents were born, and between Diane’s memories and Colleen’s newfound interest in ancestry, we got all the data.

We decided Mexican food was needed, plus it was easier for me to go to Sue’s and my “haunts” with the family the first time.  Thank you guys ever so much!

It would not have been fun if we hadn’t recommended the shrimp diablo to Pete, burn baby burn!

I wanted to stop by Old Ranch with family, so we got a table overlooking the course and talked a lot about Sue and her golf.  Damn, she was really good at it.  Not a long ball hitter but she could hit that ball so straight right down the center of the fairway and chip onto the green with uncanny accuracy.

I am surrounded by love, so important!

They were remembering Grandma! Sue, Colleen, and Sue were very close!

Colleen and Robin stayed with me tonight, and we talked, laughed, and cried until I was dry. At midnight I hit the rack, but it didn’t last very long as every hour, I was up and walking around seeing Sue everywhere.  

Tomorrow is another day!

About Paul

Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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  1. Dear Paul,

    Sherrie and I are so sorry for your loss of Sue. We have been sad since yesterday, Saturday night, when we were given the news by Felipe Tamboury over the telephone. I informed Sharon and Ed Barrish of The Nightlighters, as they are Hospitality Chairs. We keep thinking of how kind and caring and loving Sue (and you) have been to us. We are with you. We will pray for Sue and all of your family. Had we known of your Diary earlier, we would have visited Sue and you. I, Jose admired you both. I informed Sean Matz last night by email. Sean and I meet once a month on a Sunday for lunch, he said that he will pray for you all. Sean started working in El Segundo for Raytheon. He to was laid off from Boeing about five years ago.
    Our Love is with you, Jose and Sherrie Mancera.

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