The Day After The Day After And All Is Still Well

“No man is a failure who has friends.” — It’s a Wonderful Life

Scary, at my age I can remember half of this entire book starting aout 1949!

It’s Friday and time to unwind from the last several day’s activities.  I relaxed by going to Lowe’s to look for a tool I needed, and as it goes, I did not need one single thing!  Wow!  I did, however, purchase a new plant stand made from steel tubing as we needed to the orchids get more sunlight! While there, I could not pass up a new orchid plant!

It was also time to restock up on wine, so a visit to Wine And More was needed.  Six cases later, I was done and stocked up for a couple of weeks.  Thank you, St, Regis!

The guest bedroom was calling me, and I took a much-needed beauty sleep for two hours; it didn’t help at all!

We decided to go to the ranch (ORCC) and talk to the F&B Manager about our big party as we were worried about electrical outlets with two bands going at the same time!  We also had a chardonnay, and someone found poor little me a gin and tonic, Hendricks, tall, with a twist of lime! How did they know?

Old Ranch in the afternoon

From there, we drove eight miles down the 405 to Euclid and slipped into the parking lot to the GG Elks Lodge!

Garden Grove entrance to the Elks

We had a gaggle of friends there, and we enjoyed dinner and conversation for a couple of hours! Left to right: Neal, Nita, Sue, Bob, Ed, Donna (at the end), Kathy, Vicky, Del, Leon, Marcia, Nita, and RJ (Yours truly capture the moment)

Great fun with dear friends!

Kathy and Vicky were sharing photos and excellent memories!

Kathy and Vicky; great friends

Returning home, we were still tired, so we watched “Boston Legal” and “Last Man Standing” before hitting the sack at 11:00 PM.

I had a letter in our mailbox when we got home…


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