Happy Birthday Jan! A Surprise Family Dinner

You know you’re getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.

We started the day with a call to the UK to wish Jan a Happy Birthday!  All is well, and their shipment has arrived, but alas, it is cold and rainy all day, so unpacking has been a chore.  We miss the Finch’s and hope they will return soon!

Happy Birthday, Jan! We miss you guys! Hurry home!

I headed to the dentist around noon as he wanted to begin the process of building a new crown. It took two hours, mostly because we wasted time and exchanged stories for a while!

Colleen was out and about visiting her grand and great-grandparents (who, are obviously not around anymore).  A nice thought to go visiting.

Feltz (Temecula), Liles (Inglewood), Lewis (Tracy)

Colleen had her hair done and visited her mother, but after that, she called and set up a surprise dinner with the Lind and Liles family (our Son and Grandson and their beautiful families)).  We decided The Olive Garden would be an excellent choice as they have good food and it is half-way between everyone!

We have so much fun at the family get-togethers

We laughed, giggled, and talked for almost two hours!

Amy and Zack have the troublemakers surrounded

Alex and Charlie are exceptionally well behaved, and we would not think a second thought of bringing them anywhere! Mom and dad did an excellent job!

Great Uncle Joe and Silly Lilly had a game going! (Sorry, Joe, I had to take the shot!)

Joe teaches Lilly how she has eleven fingers!

We laughed at Papa’s inability to navigate Amazon.  I sent Amy three turkey basters, and she has three “boys” at home, so she did not know what to think!  Well, it turns out those were for me, and I use them to water the orchids!

We did, however, get one package sent to the right address!

Matching scarfs for the Christmas Elves! Lookin’ good guys!

After dinner, Colleen dropped by, and we talked for a while before crashing.  Last night was a bad-back night, so neither of us got much sleep!

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