The Storm Comes Tonight!

“May you never be too grown up to search the skies on Christmas Eve.”

Remember what Christmas is all about!

I love my Santa Hats, and the tradition of wearing them throughout December started in 1988, thirty-one years ago! Not only are they festive, it keeps my little bald head nice and warm!

This time of year, I wax nostalgic remembering Christmas’ of long ago, and random memories pop into my otherwise empty head!  This story is one for the books.  My mother was so smart!!!

Random Memories:  Many many moons ago, I remember the Christmas tree, and under it was a package containing something I wanted.  My eye was always on that package to make sure it stayed right in its spot.  Mom decided to go across the street and visit Thelma Perkins, and she admonished me, then about seven years old, some seventy years ago, not to touch any presents. 

Well, as soon as Mom exited the house, I crept up to the window and watched her as she entered Thelma’s house!  Quick, to the tree, and I very carefully unwrapped the present.  Yes, it was a Tonka Dump Truck!  I rolled it all over the room and eyed Thelma’s house every time I passed the window.

Thirty minutes later, I spotted activity across the street.  Like a flash, I drove the truck to the tree, and with extreme care (for a seven-year-old), I re-wrapped the present and put it back under the tree.

Our front door opened. Mom took one look at the present and knew instantly what I had done.

Being a very clever mother, she didn’t say a word and walked into her room.  Of course, I followed, but to my amazement, Mom was in her closet, getting down her suitcase?  She put the bag on the bed and began packing it with clothes.  I asked what she was doing, and Mom said: “You opened the present, so I am running away from home.”

My world shook; how can this be? Is mom running away from home?  As Mom exited the house turning north toward Venice Boulevard, I was directly behind her yelling at the top of my little lungs, “Mommy, PLEASE DON’T RUN AWAY!”  I am sure the neighbors heard my screaming, as well as those from three blocks around.  She walked to the end of the street before she stopped and turning around.  I was a blubbering mess (not much different than today) and promised NEVER to open a present again that was not mine.  Mom returned home, and to this day, I do not rattle, shake, smell, life, or otherwise touch any present until I am given permission!

Colleen sent several pictures of her and Mark and their grandkids (our great-grandkids) picking out their Christmas tree.  It’s an exciting time for the little ones!  The weather was approaching 34 degrees, but no snow yet!

Colleen with Logann and Calhan

Mark did the “heavy-lifting” once the two little tree-ologists selected the tree! We heard from them later on in the day, and it had begun to snow; their timing was perfect!  Mark is known as “Pop-Pop!” and I am “Grand Pop-Pop.”

Now we get down to work!

We decided to go out to eat and then go to Roger’s Gardens.  Well, as it goes, we were late for lunch and then by the time we were finished we ran out of time to visit Roger’s!  We decided to try again on the 11th with Colleen as she gets a bang out of the tree displays!

From Newport, we went home, picked up my iPhone, and then off to the doctor’s office to removed a stint. From there, we got home before dark and walked into a lovely warm house!

I crashed for an hour and then off to the movie where we watched a new Disney Christmas movie entitled “A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish” Summary: Kat Emerson could use a Christmas miracle. The aspiring singer-songwriter may have big dreams, but she has even more significant problems. Treated like a servant by her vain stepmother and self-involved stepsisters, Kat is forced into a demoralizing job as a singing elf at billionaire Terrence Wintergarden’s Santa Land. But there is one bright spot to the situation: Nick, the handsome new Santa at the tree lot. When Kat gets invited to the prestigious Wintergarden Christmas Gala, her step-family is determined to prevent her from attending and snag their invitation. Could an attentive dog, a loyal BFF, and a sprinkling of holiday magic help turn things around for Kat? Join Laura Marano (Disney’s Austin and Ally), Gregg Sulkin (Marvel’s Runaways), and Isabella Gomez (One Day at a Time) in this modern-day reimagining of the cherished classic, featuring original music and holiday favorites.

Cute remake and the stepmother and daughters were horrible – Sue and I hissed at them!

We did tookies, watched Boston Legal and Royal Pains before crashing!

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