The Week Starteth

Monday Morning……Rolling out of bed is easy. Getting up off the floor is another story.

It’s another magnificent fall day, even though the temperature is a little above normal!

Make today special!

Up and at ’em!  The week has started, and a good week it will be!  We had our champagne and then our Physician’s Assistant, courtesy of Medicate/Anthem Blue Shield, showed for a quick checkup!

She went over the latest numbers, write a couple of prescriptions, and after two hours, pronounced Sue “Good To Go!”.

We examined the frig and decided Mexican was needed, and off to Taco Surf, we flew in the Silver Ghost.  She was all polished up from her bath she got Friday. She purred like a kitten as we swerved down the boulevard toward lunch!

Driving down the “Avenue Of The Giants”  We love our hood!

Arriving at a perfect time, that means after the lunch rush, we had Taco Surf pretty much to ourselves.  Sue attacked the taco and a glass of wine while macho-man did himself in on a Green Chili Burrito and two beers!

Returning home, Sue rested, and I went to the pharmacy and the cleaners.  I got two new dress shirts, but since I have a 19″ neck, the darned shirts are about 8″-10″ too big across my middle, so tailoring is a necessity!  Some day they will make shirts that fit me, meaning 19″ neck, 44″ chest, 36 waist, and 31″ sleeves, but today, no such shirt exists in the wild!

She will make a small tent out of the leftover pieces after “the adjustments”

The sun began to set; the calendar points to Monday; time for cocktails at Melanie’s with Irene! We got there right at 5:45 PM and grabbed a ring-side seat to the sun doing his daily swan-song.

Bye Bye Sun; See you tomorrow morning!

We returned home after Irene and I shared a plate of spaghetti and meatballs.  A couple of drinks found themselves empty, and we discussed the events of the week.  Irene is such a doll.  I am now on a search of a Greek cheese called “Ma-Zeth-thra”?

Myzithra: Aged Myzithra, made famous by the Cheesecake Factory, is a grating alternative to hard Italian cheeses. This traditional Greek whey cheese (made from whey rather than curd) has been manufactured in Greece for thousands of years. Myzithra can be made from any blending ratio of sheep’s, goat’s and/or cow’s milk. It comes from the regions of Macedonia, Thrace, Thessalia, Sterea Hellas, Peloponissos, Ionian islands, Aegean island, and Crete island.

We watched some TV, had our tookies, and crashed!


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