Another Week Means Another Notch In My Life Belt!

With great reflexes comes great response-ability.

We had a good day as the doctors cleared Sue to return home. That took several hours but well worth it. While things were working their way through the maze at the hospital, I went to Home Depot and got some potting soil as I wanted to plant the potatoes today!

It’s too early for Christmas

I got the potting soil and went home and panted about 40 potatoes so that we will have potatoes, maybe for New Year’s day!

The potato plant blossom is beautiful

After returning to the hospital saw what they called a “vegetarian lunch.”  Take a gander!  Not a protein within twenty miles of this mush!  While the hospital is, in general, pretty good and some of the meals I saw for regular diets appeared OK, Sue’s “lunch” was horrible!

Squash and mashed potatoes were the main courses

We finally got out of the hospital at 4:45 PM and went directly home, arriving there at 5:00 PM on the dot.  Jonathan, our oldest grandson, call along with several other making sure all was A-OK.

We watched TV until about midnight.  I was tired, but Sue had slept most of the day and wasn’t the least bit sleepy!

Fall has arrived… It is supposed to be in the mid-fifties tonight!


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