Thursday Was Good

Thursday. The most useless day. it only exists as a reminder that it’s been a really long week, and it’s still not over.

Up and at ’em it’s another great day to be alive and well. We stayed home and had a wonderful brunch…yes, more international! I finished off my one pound meat-ball and that was more than I really needed.

In the afternoon we worked around the house and watched some TV.

I had a doctor’s appointment to get the reading on my blocked carotid artery and the result was, “Yes, you got one but you have three other sources feeding the brain so you are good to go!. The Circle of Willis has saved the day!

Did You Know? The circle of Willis (also called Willis’ circle, loop of Willis, cerebral arterial circle, and Willis polygon) is a circulatory anastomosis that supplies blood to the brain and surrounding structures. It is named after Thomas Willis (1621–1675), an English physician.

The arrangement of the brain’s arteries into the circle of Willis creates redundancy (analogous to engineered redundancy) for collateral circulation in the cerebral circulation. If one part of the circle becomes blocked or narrowed (stenosed) or one of the arteries supplying the circle is blocked or narrowed, blood flow from the other blood vessels can often preserve the cerebral perfusion well enough to avoid the symptoms of ischemia.

Enough of the medical stuff…although the doctor said “If you get shot, make sure it is in the left side of the throat…not the right!

Leaving, I asked Doc Rucker if he would be my GP as my Dr, Asbill, retired. HE said yes and that is good as a) we get along amazingly well, b) he does not think I need to be 180 pounds, c) we have known him for twenty years, and d) he is walking distance form our home! All good things!

Dr. Richard Rucker is a pulmonologist in Los Alamitos, California and is affiliated with Los Alamitos Medical Center. He received his medical degree from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years.

We watched some TV and then departed to the Phoenix Club for an evening of dancing with friends!

The Phoenix Club

We danced visited danced visited and danced some more! Nancy and Vince joined us so it was a special evening.

Returning home, we watched a little TV and then crashed!

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