Sunday Was Productive

I used to make loads of money clearing leaves from gardens. I was raking it in!

The alarm struck six and farmer Paul was in the overalls and in the garden pulling tomato plants and weeds like there was no tomorrow. Sixty feet of vegetable beds went from overgrown jungles to dirt over a few hours. When I went around the back yard I decided to dig in several bags of fertilizer which were only partially full…now I can go to the store and buy new bags as everything is now gone!

Walking in the garden always reveals work to be done. The Japanese Beetles were hacing a picnic in the fig tree so I gave them a bath…they departed for a while but soon came back!

I decided to go to war so off to Amazon and I ordered two sets of traps which will arrive Tuesday. We are hoping they work!

All it has to so is get the ones in the fig tree! Beetle soup anyone??

Did You Know? The Japanese beetle is native to Japan. The insect was first discovered in the United States in 1916 near Riverton, New Jersey in a nursery. It is thought that beetle larvae got into the United States in a shipment of iris bulbs before inspections of imported goods entering the country began in 1912.

The yard got more attention today with a slight trimming of the pomegranate tree to get it off the wall. The silly thing is almost twenty feet tall and loaded with fruit. We are awaiting them to become ripe so I can take some down the street and exchange it for pomegranate chicked!

Sue read while I worked in shop. We got several calls from our grandson about water heaters and suggested he go tankless. He found a great deal from the SoCal Gar Company as they would pay for half of the cost! This is good. The target is to get it installed before Remy’s first birthday party coming up on the 9th.

In the afternoon I worked on cleaning up two oil painting my mother made in the mid 1960’s. They had been in Dave Mall’s parents home for the past fifty years and needed some attention. The hardware stored suggested a wood renewing wax for the frames and hey, were quite right…the frames soaked up the moisture and look pretty good. The pictures are not Mom’s best work but my bride insists we hang them to remind us for Mom!

I worked in the shop for a while in the afternoon troubleshooting an electrical problem I have with our wall nights. seems one of the wires came apart but it is buried under a lot of concrete so I developed a work around…which I do not like but have no choice. The ground wire will be used to carry the hot side of the circuit and the ground will be lifted from the light circuit and replaced with a line going into the physical ground. Definitely a jury rig but it’s the only way.

We watched TV and crashed at 10:00 PM in order to read. Clive Cussler and I read for about two hours before lights-out at midnight!

Tomorrow the doctor!

Funny funny stuff!

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