Time To Enjoy Summer And Dance

Outside of a dog, a book is your best friend, and inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.

Spot of Team anyone??

It’s Sunday morning and we have a full day to rest before the dance starts! We worked on the puzzle and are now within striking distance of completing it!

Got a text from son Jon and a picture of him and Alex after winning a baseball tournament. Congratulations and winning!

Son Joe and Grandson Alex at in their Tornamnet uniforms!

Before lunch I strolled the yard and look at the plum tree. In a few days we will be up to our fannies on plums! Why do they all have to come at once? The neighbors will be getting bags of fruit.

Did You Know? Plums stimulate the bowel movement. Its skin contains a substance that is responsible for that effect so if you peel the fruit you won’t be bothered with the well-known side effects of this lovely fruit.


We did lunch and since I was recovering, I took it easy on the spices! After lunch I piddled in the garage doing some rearranging of the tools and electronic equipment. Secretly, I am making way for the MIG Welder. There are about 20 little jobs around the place that a welder would be perfect for so it’s an excuse to get the machine.

We watched a little TV and then got cleaned up and headed top Nancy’s place to get her. Nancy has been our friend for twenty years and we invited her to the Jam Session! She is 86 and is so lively and full of smiles and kind words…she like Irene are our mentors.

Join the fun!

Dancing with Nancy at the new Santa Ana Elks 6/30/2019

We headed to Nancy’s at 3:00 PM, she lives about four miles away in Long Beach, and then got to the Santa Ana Elks at 4:10 PM…Leon reserved seats/tables so we were on the dance floor…and close to the bar! Thank You Leon!

Jan and Brian pre-checked the G&T…We got a positive report!
Just being my normal self!

As usual, we have a ball…danced and dined and more importantly visited!!

There were at least 75 people there for the Jam Session,,,good turnout!

The turnout for the Jam Session was excellent, the food was good, the service is still in work. We danced and visited and danced some more…super way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Returning home about 9:00 PM, we watched TV, had our tookies, and crashed! Flatscreen TV, I would sure like to show this to my Dad who departed us in 1970. He would just be amazed seeing an 80″ flatscreen hung on a wall and I would be interesting so see how I might explain “streaming”.

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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