Mid-Week Adventures!

Right now I’m having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think I’ve forgotten this before.

The middle of the week is here, can’t turn back, it’s march forward to the weekend! We slept to almost 8:00 AM keeping with our desire to get approximately eight hours of sleep per night!

Did we attack the puzzle again…duh…does a bear go in the woods! But we are happy to report, we now have 1/2 of the horses head and 1/3 of the gardening girl put together.

Domilita and crew show up today so we departed about 11:00 AM to have Greek food and as we turned the corner in the Silver Ghost, Sue said “We haven’t done Italian in quite a while”. As her words left her mouth, the Silver Ghost…using its voice recognition system…served violently to the north and headed to the 605. I was indeed impressed so I asked the car if it remembered its parents…. We got our answer!

The Silver Ghost’s Grandfather… A dashing image from 1913!

So we ended up at A’Roma Ristorante in La Palma. It is our favorite Italian haunt. Excellent food and tip-to wait staff! We always study the menu carefully as their choice are eclectic!

The Jalapeno Cheese Bread is being devoured!

I went for the Sausage and Peppers plus Salmon Carpacio while Sue did a beautiful pasta dish!

Salmon, onions, capers, olive oil…what’s not to like?

Hot peppers on cheese bread… this is excellent!

We really enjoyed lunch and the G&T was excellent. After reviewing the dessert menu, a vote was taken and Cold Stone Creamery won by a landslide! We went to the one on Katella by the race track which was on our way to Old Ranch.

Happy Girl!

After ice cream we had an errand to run at Old Ranch to finalize the July 4th party. We have 60 friends and family coming. Our two daughters and our son plus their families will be joining us along with four grandsons and two great grandkids. We will really miss Colleen and her family! We got our regular spots inside the dining room overlooking the 18th fairway and have front row seats for the fireworks!

Returning home, I needed a beauty nap…45 minutes was all that was necessary! Jan M. called with an update on Mike and she sounded pretty upset so we decided to hop in the Silver Ghost and head to Villa Park.

Yesterday’s oil change must have worked as the Silver Ghost achieved light-speed instantly…no intergalactic traffic going south…we made it in 24 minutes flat! Arriving there at 6:00 PM, we stayed until about 10:00 PM. Bob Z. joined us and at 8:00 PM the Finch’s also joined us.

We decided not to talk about politics, sex, or religion so w stared at each other for four hours…not really! Jan did not realize that Bob and I are near the same age with me being about 18 months ahead of him. Bob and I must have spent a previous life together because our senses of humor are identical…we almost finish off each other sentences! He is a very nice man and we are proud to have him as a good friend!

The laughing lamp was lit…burning wildly as we recall!

When the Finch’s arrived, we had Brian tell the tale of his police escort to Forest Lawn…I thought I was videoing it but I guess I was laughing so hard, I forgot to push the button! We giggled and belly laughed all night!

…and the nice police officer waved is arm and said “Follow Me!”

When Brian got to the point the police man got off his motorcycle and stopped traffic so they could cross the street, we damned near fell of our collective chairs! A fun evening it was! Jan and Sue just kept laughing the entire time as animated Brian waved his hands and pointed like the officer was doing!

At 10:00 PM fired up the Silver Ghost, put her in auto-mode and away we went arriving at 10:30 PM…just in time for the tookie machine to get fired up!

She was a loving mother and a real character! I really miss her thinking about her quite often.

The picture above is of my mother circa mid-1960’s. Mom was an original hippy and was an amazing woman who rode motorcycles, painted, seamstress, designer, sculpted, was a fair-to-middlin’ carpenter, great cook, and all-around wonderful person. Motorcycle you ask? We found out that when Dad was home in Arkansas, he asked her to come and meet his family. She lived in Oklahoma at the time.

Well Mom came to visit and meet the family…but NOT on a train as was expected of young lady of that era…Mom showed up in 1924 riding a 1920 Indian Scout motorcycle she borrowed from her brother and wore black leather riding gear. Needless to say she made a lasting impression!

1920 Indian Scout

The trip sounded easy but remember in he 1920’s where NO interstates, in the south it was dirt or gravel roads, few highway signs, no detailed maps, just 260 miles of bad road.

There was 6,718.55 miles of road in Arkansas and only 6.5 % was paved!

Where there is a will there is a way and my mother was determined!

10 hours (256.5 mi) via dirt roads

We got disconnected for several years (a long story ,no fault of Mom’s) but in the late 1980’s we reconnected thanks to my wonderful wife Sue and Mom, Sue, and I had some super adventures until her passing in late 1990! From 1987 through her death, Sue’s Mom and mine were quite close and spent a lot of happy times together. After Mom’s passing, Sue and I found out a lot about Mom as we talked to brother’s and sisters and other relatives… she apparently had a heart bigger than all out of doors!

One short story: We were out to dinner with Mitch, Otis and us…at a nice Italian restaurant…perhaps The Ol’  Spagetti Factory…anyway, we were joking about Mom not ever drinking. Well, when the waiter came and we all ordered our drinks, he said to Mom “…and what would you like?” She answered “Gimme a beer!”. We were in absolute shock…in forty years I never saw her take a drink!

So the beer was served, we all made light of the fact she ordered a beer. Conversation proceeded and in a few minutes the waited came back and asked Mom how was her beer. Mom passed the glass to the waiter and said, out loud “Sonny, pour this back in the horse!”  We dern-near died laughing, Mitch almost sprayed the table with his drink…Sue’s eyes got 12″ around and I came close to falling off my chair! 

We dern-near died laughing, Mitch almost sprayed the table with his drink…Sue’s eyes got 12″ around and I came close to falling off my chair!

We watched one Grey’s Anatomy and one Gillmore Girls crashing about 12:15 AM. Oh, of course we had our tookies!

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