Yes…The Day Is Already Shorter!

A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken.

Today was 45 seconds shorter and I can already feel it…shorter days are coming! On average everyday is 2.6 minutes shorter but the rate of change (I love it when I talk dirty) is maximum half way between the summer and winter solstice.

Did You Know? December Solstice (Winter Solstice) is on Saturday, December 21, 2019 at 8:19 pm in Los Angeles. In terms of daylight, this day is 4 hours, 32 minutes shorter than on June 21st Solstice.  

Again, we attacked the puzzle and it is coming along…more difficult than we thought. Looked simple when we saw the box but dang the orange colors! We do not give up…may take a couple of weeks but we will prevail!

Did You Know? Solving puzzles helps reinforce existing connections between our brain cells. It also increases the generation of new relationships. This, in turn, improves mental speed and thought processes. Jigsaw puzzles are especially good for improving short-term memory.

We shall overcome all these tiny pieces!

After fighting the puzzle for an hour, I decided a wine-run was in order as the last time we were there, they only had six bottles of our Chardonnay and Rose. Before leaving I did some Orchid repotting in the garage. How did I learn you ask…well, where I learn most things these days! You Tube!

I was amazed to find out orchids don’t like dirt…two ice cubes a week is all they need in the way of water…the roots are amazing as they are protected in a “water flows in only sheath”…Douglas Fir bark is their favorite medium mixed with some moss.

The Silver Ghost is ready…chaffing at the bit to rocket us forward up the 605. A might WHOOSH and we are off. While at Long Beach Town Center, I went to Lowe’s and visited the tool department and found a couple of treasures plus I bought a new orchid…we wanted one that was on bloom!

My next tool purchase is going to be an arc and gas welding systems…then I am done! Hello Harbor Freight!

My tool drawers are now complete having about everything I will ever need to fix anything…

I finally got the guts to throw out my “old tools” which I had around for 50 years…they were just worn out, teeth missing (like me) and rusty (also like me).

Got a text message! Our oldest granddaughter and her husband just bought their first house…22 acres in New Hampshire. Cassie and family standing on their new porch! In the woods…a good thing!

A new adventure begins…

We did lunch and attacked the left-overs…I love the Chili Chicken Tandoori after the chili has had a chance to fuse with the chicken! The best part of lunch was dessert as I again ransacked the berry bushes and retrieved a mess of berries! I always disturb the neighbors as I sing “Tip Tow Through The Blackberries” as I merrily pick and taste the little beggars!

Black berries minutes old laying on a bed of Cool Whip… I done died and went to heaven!

Front door alert…a stranger is coming up the walk..the figure stops…canvasses the joint…seems busy doing something…worried! The I get another text message…from Vicky (our next door neighbor)…”Hi…I am coming over to get some lemons for my Scallops…Don’t shoot!”

It’s Christmas again…Santa has been replaced by the UPS Man. Colorfully decorated packages with bows and ribbon have been replaced with cardboard boxes with Amazon logos! Life has certainly changed.

It just seems like yesterday the little fat man with the jolly disposition punched several buttons on the iPhone and placed the order for Christmas…oh, wait…the little fat man was me! Dear, what could have been on the list? I remember now!

Sure beat the heck out of driving to the store, searching for what I want, going through the cashier, fighting traffic, and returning home! Button push to delivery in 20 hours…can’t beat that!

We got a call from Jan Mongel and found out that Mike Andersen, a dear friend, had a serious accident. He was working on a ladder and fell off injuring his back and traumatic injures to the head. He is in ICU, we talked to his daughter and he was conscious and beginning to recognize family members. He will be in ICU for a few more days so no visit or phone calls directly are planned.

Mike is the kind of guy I always wanted to be…a real gentleman and all around super guy! Good Bless he and his family and may he recover soon!

Mike & Irene from 2016 at Topper’s

Time to rest…must check for light leaks in my eyelids! The added benefit is that I will be ready to visit Iris and Will, the Finch’s, Brander’s, Woolston’s and others who dare sit at our table!

Fuuny times with funny friends

We dined and danced and had a great time! Teasing is part of the overall plan for the evening and I never turn down an opportunity! Full Spectrum was playing tonight… have a listen!

We danced until it got dark…9:30 PM

As per usual, we laughed and giggled all night long. Brian did his second burger of this visit…becoming an American again! We departed about 9:15 PM and headed home as dancing was not easy tonight with the sciatica acting up!

Home sweet home… I bounded toward tookie machine, automatically set the over knob for a sizzling 350 degrees (without looking I might add) and then departed for the bedroom to change into my TV watching attire. But I heard the hot water running…Oops, perhaps I ought to look when I am setting dials in the kitchen next time! Correcting the error (and avoiding boiled cookie dough) I finally made it to the bedroom!

My latest sign acquisition…Goes on the side yard gate which is, by the way, a straight shot form the closet where I keep the shot guns!

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