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Friday Was Scary!

The tax collector must love poor people, he’s creating so many of them.

Tis’ the morning and mornings are good. At my age, any morning I can be vertical, walk, and make breakfast is good. Doing these things at the same time is a great skill!

Sue tells me this all the time!

I am so organized these days and with the help of my girlfriend, Alexa, muddling through life is easier. But this morning, Alexa and I had a falling out! Yes, I asked her to remind me about estimated taxes due in June but I did NOT ask her to make the announcement and then giggle! Bad Alexa, go to your room! No network for you for two weeks!

Baugh…. Humbug! Phooey!

Bummer… I carefully found the checkbook, looked at the amounts “requested” and with an outpouring of pain, wrote out checks to California Franchise Tax Board and the IRS in pig latin. Well, the bright side is that in California we get something for our money.

We get a shinny new Choo-Choo train that travels between Boontuckit and Jay’s Apple Farm, a distance of 200 miles, for a mere $60,0000,000,000 dollars! The 26 illegal migrant workers, that, by the way get a freww pass for the Choo-Choo, will enjoy the ride!

Oh, we also get to feed, house, and pay for illegals breaking our laws AND we get to pay the highest gas prices in the country because the silly liberal dummocrats think California can solve the planets pollution issues all by ourselves. Oh the pain! Does the word stupidity and waste come to mind?

We had a quick bite at home and then went to Sue’s barber shop so she could get her ears lowered. OK… stand back… clear your throats of any food or drink…here it comes!

  • What do you call a group of people waiting for a haircut? A barbercue!

We returned home and then decides we needed a drink (after paying the taxes I needed two drinks) so it was off to Old Ranch. We had on=ur one drink and was going back home when all of a sudden… we ran into Bunnaford Burns, an old friend and club member. We returned to the bar and downed another drink. Now I have had three O’Douls, Sue has killed off 3/4 of a bottle of non-alcoholic wine, and I just gotta go to the Gentlemen’s Lounge!

While at the club, we made our reservation for 50 people for the 4th of July festivities It ought to be great as the celebration is going to be on Thursday the 4th! We enjoy spending the day at the rancj with family and friends.

I do not behave,,,it’s a known fact!

Home again, it was time to saunter, amble, wander, meander, ramble, promenade, or walk in the back yard. What do I see when I step out my office door but Mr. Pumpkin growing like a weed. At this rate, he will be eating City Hall within a week!

I saw many blossoms but no evidence of fruit yet! Perhaps this little plant needs me to tell it about the birds and the bees? Oops, that will not work because the plant is a “heshe”…the blossoms are boys and some are girls. I know, it’s confusing…being a farmer is difficult.

Seems like just a few months ago it was a baby and now it is fully grown and taking over the entire yard! Charlie & Alex will enjoy this years pumpkins!

The mailman was late today but with our new security cam, he cannot sneak in those pesky bills…he sees me casting a disapproving look and sometimes begging him to take the bills back!

Today, with the help of the trusty security cam and its vibrating warning felt deep in my pocket, thanks to the iPhone connection, I bounced to the gate to greet him hoping for a refund check from anyone…alas, only an invite to a 50th High School reunion. Yep, Sue and I are going to her 50th reunion (we also went to her 40th way back in 2009. This time we are going to volunteer the music!!!

Sue had a great response!

OMG… my 60th is coming up pretty soon! I love going back because I want to see all the “stuck-up” girls I knew now looking like the overweight wildebeests or other other even-toed horned ungulates! Like ten years ago, Sue and I will go with my High School Sweetheart who today is a beautiful lady who Sue and I enjoy her company.

Lee is dressed for the occasion!

Garden Grove Elks was our destination. We had a good time with our friends.

We watched Gray’s Anatomy until about 5:30PM and then headed east to Garden Grove for dancing and dinner. Several of our friends were there and we danced and had a great time until 9:00 PM…seems to be our new bewitching hour?

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