Back In Civilization…Yuch!

In America the young are always ready to give to those who are older than themselves the full benefits of their inexperience!

Today we rest from a wild and woolly weekend on the Sacred Island of Catalina. I walked thru our garden only to find six, count em, six, bright shiny new black berries! They did not even get a chance to get washed (I was hoping the rain took care of that issue) before they were plummeting their way down the ol’ esophagus into my girth where my gastroenterologist makes his living.

Trouble ahead Dr. Spock! The corn is beginning to fall over! OMG, non0vertical corn. This will require strong sticks and rope which I shall acquire later in the day. The next sound you hear will be me pounding stakes into the ground adjacent to the corn and selectively strapping the stalks to the slender sticks with strong string. Say that again teice!

I tried to check the weather with my Alexa Echo but I could not get her to response. Sue again pointed out the error of my ways!

I was sooooo embarrassed!

Glancing at my timepiece, which was rattling madly, it was showing me a set of vibrating teeth! Time to head to Fountain Valley and go for my second root canal in the past five days…oh, did you know that dental care in Panama is called a route canal?

The iWatch sometimes gets a sense of humor!

Me and the Silver Ghost swung into action…zoom…on our way to Huntington Beach but upon arrival I noticed the office was quiet, no screams of anguish, no buzzards flying overhead. Approaching closer, I peered into the window and the office was empty, nary a glimmer of light nor the sound of mice scampering across the floor.

To the bat phone I leaped and placed a panic call to the doctor…the reply was deflating… “Yes Paul, you HAD an appointment on Tuesday but remember, we changed it to Monday and you know on Monday’s we are in the Fountain Valley office”. I was mortified (as long as that is not another word for embalmed).

The Silver Ghost got her challenge…she leaped into action and with squeeling tires, the smell of rubber, not a single turn signal, screeching brakes and a faint smell of urine, we were transported, as if my magic, to office number two where activity was underway! We made it with one minute to spare. The buzzards were circling…this is the right place!

Not wanting to delay any further, I was placed onto the rack immediately…Funny, when I leave his office I am always about six inches taller!

The doc also swung into action…pliers, hammer, assorted adult toys, pickaxes, whips, chains…all the typical tools of a dentists office we ready to do me great bodily harm.

Within 90 minutes I was root free and on my way home where Sue, being the thoughtful caring bride she is had lunch awaiting me.

Knowing my teeth would be sensitive, she prepared spare ribs, artichokes, corn on the cob, caramel apples, hard tacos, assorted crustacean, ciabatta sandwiche, celery, a homemade crunchy granola bars, and a walnut pie. So thoughtful she is…must have stayed up all night thinking about the menu options!

Best tooth extractor known to man!

We both took short naps before going to Melanie’s (Malarkey’s) to meet with Irene and a surprise visitor, Luisa Klix. We had not seen her in almost a year as she became a near full time baby sitter but now her daughter is moving to Irvine and she is available for visits. I have known Luisa since…OMG, since I knew Mitch and that goes back 40+ years!

Great to visit again!!!

We connected Luisa back with the gang (Robin and Lisa) and plan to see her again soon! Good visit. Irene was fine and Crazy Greg called to say hello. We departed about 8:30 PM for home.

Entering the house of ill repute (I hit the wrong button on the iPhone and turned the entire house red) I quickly corrected the color scheme back to normal.

We watched TV and did the “tookie-thing” before crashing! I stayed up until 1:30 AM taking the 600+ pictures from this past weekend off the cameras and placing them carefully into Lightroom so they can be readied for the website.

Tomorrow we are going to the “Old Guys” luncheon…about fifteen of us who get get together every other month and remind ourselves why we like retirement. They all worked for Sue but I knew them so I tag along. Taco Surf here we come!

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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