Wednesday We Golfed! First Time Since August!

The worst time to have a heart attack is during a game of charades.

Wow! Going to be in the 70’s today and not a cloud in the sky…that means, golf! We messed around the house for a while awaiting the cleaning folks to show and then we scooted off to Old Ranch!

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

We played nine holes and we were pretty happy with the results. I did not drive every fairway just to save time but one a three par, I had a excellent hole. The grass was pretty dry considering the amount of rain we had.

The water was up past the wire coot-nets…meaning we had three feet of water on the course last week

We both played well and it was a happy day…outside, warm, exercising, and seeing Mother Nature up close!

OK, we are on the 9th hole… all is going well but alas, the God of Golf struck We both missed our putts by mere inches!

Yes…yes…yes… Sue had the white ball!

We called Mitch on the 5th hole and asked him to come for dinner…he did and we had an excellent visit. We are quite proud of him. Like us, he did one drink the whole evening. He powered down several small tacos. We (me) ordered a veggie burger and a “gourmet” grilled cheese. Sue tried both and didn’t like them… I ate both. Tomorrow morning the bathroon scale will NOT BE VISITED!

Did You Know? Birdie means scoring one under par (?1). This expression was coined in 1899, at the Atlantic City Country Club in Northfield, New Jersey. According to a story that has been passed down, one day in 1899, three golfers, George Crump (who later built Pine Valley Golf Club, about 45 miles away), William Poultney Smith (founding member of Pine Valley), and his brother Ab Smith, were playing together when Crump hit his second shot only inches from the cup on a par-four hole after his first shot had struck a bird in flight.

Simultaneously, the Smith brothers exclaimed that Crump’s shot was “a bird”. Crump’s short putt left him one-under-par for the hole, and from that day, the three of them referred to such a score as a “birdie”. In short order, the entire membership of the club began using the term.

As the Atlantic City Country Club, being a resort, had many out-of-town visitors, the expression spread and caught the fancy of all American golfers.

We headed home about 7:30 PM after visiting with Mitch and getting the latest on everyone! He is doing well, working hard, and having fun! This is good! Back to the old Mitch!

We came home and watched a movie about a young girl who was moved many times between foster homes. It was funny but sad and it ends well…gives on faith in people (which we need these days).

A feisty foster kid’s outrageous scheme to be reunited with her birth mother has unintended consequences in The Great Gilly Hopkins, an entertaining film for the entire family. Gilly Hopkins (Sophie NĂ©lisse) has seen more than her share of foster homes and has outwitted every family she has lived with. In an effort to escape her new foster mother Maime Trotter’s (Kathy Bates) endless loving care, Gilly concocts a plan that she believes will bring her mother running to her rescue. But when the ploy blows up in Gilly’s face it threatens to ruin the only chance she’s ever had to be part of a real family. Based on the award-winning young-adult novel by Katherine Paterson (Bridge to Terabithia), The Great Gilly Hopkins stars Sophie NĂ©lisse, Kathy Bates, Julia Stiles, Bill Cobbs, Billy Magnussen, with Octavia Spencer and Glenn Close.

We then watched some of our series before crashing. We had our tookies and crashed!

Just a thought!

When will the libs wake up????

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