Tuesday Was A Work Day…

Set aside half an hour every day to do all your worrying; then take a nap during this period.

Tuesday was difficult to describe…we were going to play golf but decided the wind and cold would not be enjoyable so we went to the doctors. Sue needed a blood test at LabCorp which was fast…we walked in.

We have a frequent flyer card for this establishment!

I called the imaging center and got an appointment for 11:00 AM and we were done at 12:30 AM. We called Jan Mongel to see if she wanted to do lunch but alas, her tummy was having fits already.

We got a text message and it seems our little Disneyland person and her Mommy are off again! They really use their passes and that makes us happy. Lilly in the downpour!

She fears not the rain! Right on girl!

So, we headed for Vindaloo! No, it is not a place… it is a meal! We actually went to the Royal Khyber, an upscale Indian restaurant in South Coast Village…we have frequented their restaurant for 32 years now! So what is Vindaloo?

Did You Know? In England, vindaloo is a tongue-searing curry, but it wasn’t always that way. The word vindaloo is a garbled pronunciation of the popular Portuguese dish carne de vinha d’alhos (meat marinated in wine-vinegar and garlic), which made its way to India in the 15th century along with Portuguese explorers.

Vindaloo is a hot and spicy dish from the Goa region of India. Its heavy use of vinegar and the traditional meat of pork are due to the Portuguese influence on the area. … Authentic Goan vindaloo is not a curry but more of a dry sauce-based dish, which tastes better as it ages.

The most difficult part of the meal…. selecting what to try!

Our waitress knows us well and had our appetizers ordered as we walk into the establishment. While the bill was $140, we take home at least three lunches worth of food so it averages out as $35…not too bad!

We ordered everything as hot as they can make it! Beware if you want to sample!

Upon returning home, I worked in the garden for a bit and then crashed big time…naps are good things, right?

Did You Know? In many Western cultures, children and the elderly are expected to nap during the day and are provided with designated periods and locations in which to do so. In these same cultures, most working adults are not expected to sleep during the day and napping on the job is widely considered unacceptable.

Napping is physiologically and psychologically beneficial. Napping for 20 minutes can help refresh the mind, improve overall alertness, boost mood and increase productivity.  Napping may benefit the heart. In a six-year study of Greek adults, researchers found that men who took naps at least three times a week had a 37 percent lower risk of heart-related death.

Returning home, we worked on our puzzle and then watched some TV (complete with tookies) before crashing!

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