A New Week Gets Undeway

Americans are getting stronger; twenty years ago it took two people to carry ten dollars’ worth of groceries‚Ķ today, a five-year-old can do it.

We have been retired 618 weeks as of today! Every day seems to get better if you exclude old age!

The weather is a little unpredictable…the sun is out and it is misting heavily. I decided not to walk today as sure as I leave the house, it will become a major storm and rain cats and dogs.

Time for errands so I popped in the Grey Ghost and headed to the imaging center, had to get MRI DVD for the shoulder appointment on Wednesday. I am getting so old that I feel like the paparazzi are chasing me…every time I turn around I am getting an X-Ray, CT-Scan, MRI or something else!

I always get interesting results from the scans/x-rays

Coming home, I did a dry-cleaner fly-by with all the Christmas clothes in hand! Really all I needed was the tux for Friday evening Rondeliers. Then off to the scavenger hunt! My scavenger hunt was centered around the ingredients for mushroom soup and garlic soup.

Champagne vinegar the list read… Champagne vinegar…sounds like an oxymoron! Then it said Sherry Vinegar…that was not too bad. The list said HEAVY CREAM but in the store all they had was HEAVY WHIPPING CREAM. I had to as a nice lady..she laughed at me?

I was terrified… More research on the shopping list next time!
However, I got to meet a lot of nice older ladies who liked helping a desparate husband!

I am so confused! I just got the heavy whipping cream and decided it had to do!

Did You Know?¬†Heavy cream and heavy whipping cream are essentially the same thing, and both must contain at least 36% or more milk fat. Whipping cream, or light whipping cream, is lighter (as you’d expect) and contains 30% to 35% milk fat. … Heavy cream will whip better and hold its shape longer than whipping cream.

I made it home..barely! Loaded with goodies, it is time to cook! We spent about three hours cooking which we dearly love. Sue is quite the chef…I am the sous chef, prep-cook, clean-up boy and taster! I get all the fun jobs!

Now that the brocoli soup is done, we attacked the mushroom receipt and the garlic soup receipt! After we were done there wan not a vampire within ten city blocks!

…and, it works!

It’s finally time to eat…3:00 PM so we had broccoli-cheese soup and I was ready for a short nap as we are going to Melanie’s with Irene this evening! After cooking for three hours I needed a short rest. We made it there just in time for the sunset and it was OK,,,nothing to write home about.

On the way there, Jonathan “Weasel” called and we talked to him for 30 minutes. All is well…it’s so interesting to carry on a conversation with your grandson when you have known him since birth…quite a young man!

We used to bath him and would laugh himself silly when we brought in the jack in the box…everytime it wold pop open, Jon was go into hysterics. So, since 3 years of age…27 years ago…we called him “The Weasel”. He is a nice young man!

I did a gin & tonic chased by non-alcoholic beer and a super large pretzel! We solved the problems of the world and returned home! Time for a movie and then hitting the sack…yes, after the TOOKIES. We continue to watch Lucifer, Eureka, and Mrs. Maisel… Funny shows although we have to get used the language in Mrs. Maisel.

Random Memories:  Mom was a soda jerk behind the counter at a Woolworth’s in Louisiana and then did the same thing when she came to California before  the war.  We had a soda fountain on Pico Blvd just two door down from the Ralph’s 5 & 10 Cent Store…I used to love to go there and get a soda and  a burger… 25 cents for a burger and it was REALLY good! The counter was always clean and I love the red bar stools!  

During the war, Mom worked at Douglas in Santa Monica and was a parts expeditor.  She wore roller skates and would deliver parts to the assembly line to help the war effort.  She worked there from 1941 through middle of 1944.  Dad took care of the dime store while his boss, Ralph, was serving our country in the US Army. 

There were soda fountains in many stores as I grew up but in the middle of the 1960’s they disappeared with the advent of hamburger joints..McDonald’s, etc.  I really miss those places as they were good, fast, and a way to meet your neighbors.

The Good Old Days… I remember them well!

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