Resting Up For The Dance And Then We Didn’t Go!

The better you know yourself, the better your relationship with the rest of the world.

Up and ready to go.  While looking at Facebook, and I mainly look for non-political stuff like receipts, I found this video.  By golly, I am going to try some and see what happens.

But first, a walk to the market is needed to get berries. mozzarella cheese, and bell peppers!  Alexa will make sure I do not miss anything…that you girl!

Upon returning, I decided it will be bell peppers and eggs!  Chop chop I am cooking.  Sue watched with amazement and provided some excellent tips!  You know, like “Pam the aluminum foil silly!”.

Sue made something great from her left-overMexican food from Thursday

6 Tasty Low-Carb Breakfast

Need to cut down on a few carbs before the holidays? Try these 6 recipes!

Posted by Tasty on Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Gotta say.  the bell peppers where excellent! The video above was “linked in” to my page so I plan to see how long it lasts before the link breaks.

Now down to serious work.  Fixing the wind chimes!  I had several broken chimes so I got the wood, circle cutter, proper rope/cord and other necessities.  I got on-line and checked and really learned some things…like take a picture of the broken one first.

No kidding… I t really helped. 

Random Memories:  I wished my Dad could see me now.  He and I fixed things around the house all the time and he taught me so very much!  But we did it by rote with the simplest of tools and non of the modern conveniences we have today!  What would he say if in 1950 I had an iPhone and we took a picture of what we were about to disassemble?  In those days it would have taken 4 days to get a picture back form the pharmacy and the photos would be fuzzy anyway!

What would he say if he say if I had pulled out a battery operated screw driver or battery operated impact wrench?  OMG, things are so different these days but I would never give up those hours with Dad trying to figure out how to fix something or but something back together again!

In the late afternoon, we both took a nap thinking we would be going to the GG Elks but I decided the ol’ rotator cuff needed some additional rest so we stayed home.   We watched a couple of movies and then a couple of sitcoms before crashing. 

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