Procedure #2: Check — that’s a site for sore eyes.

Damn!  We are up early again.  I had an appointment with the dermatologist at 7:00 AM and Sue had to hit the showers ta 8:00 AM as the nurse will arrive at 9:00 AM to administer the IV antibiotics.  Lifesavers Home Health came in about 9:00 AM and it was the owners of the company, Glen and Carol.  We had a GREAT conversation finding out they were conservatives and they want to learn how to dance.  We provided Jan Mongel’s address/phone number and said “Go take a few lessons”.

The IV was put in and we were ready for the next trip at 10:45 AM but we are not going to leave until 11:15 AM. 

After that, we rushed to Long Beach Memorial for an x-ray guided SI joint injection!

The problem explained

When the pain gets to be too much, we see the back doctor and he orders an x-ray guided shot (x-ray guided so they can get to the joint precisely).

This should get us through Christmas

The procedure was quite fast and afterwords, we went to Taco Surf where Sue devoured a taco and I, somehow, downed a pork burrito wet!

We came home to rest and then off to the Cerritos Perfomring Arts Theater to see 42nd Street with the Branders.

Did You Know? Producer David Merrick “took a huge gamble with his $3 million production based on the 1933 Warner Brothers film musical”, as “only one other show had made the transfer from original movie musical to the stage—’Gigi’, a flop in 1974.” 

He felt audiences once again were ready to embrace the nostalgia craze started by the successful revivals of No, No, Nanette, Irene, and his own Very Good Eddie several years earlier, and augmented the familiar songs from the film’s soundtrack with a liberal dose of popular tunes from the Dubin-Warren catalog.

According to theater historian John Kenrick, “When the curtain slowly rose to reveal forty pairs of tap-dancing feet, the star-studded opening night audience at the Winter Garden cheered…Champion followed this number with a series of tap-infused extravaganzas larger and more polished than anything Broadway really had in the 1930s.

42nd Street was terrific!!!  It was a toe tapper and we forgot how many great hits came from that production.  We got home about 10:00 PM and watched a little TV before going to bed as tomorrow the IV person will be here at 9:00 AM sharp!

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