Hello Weekend; Time To Rest

I recently decided to sell my vacuum cleaner as all it was doing was gathering dust!

First things first…read the news on-line from a trusted source so that’s anything but the “main stream media” and certainly not any “newspapers”.  While doing so, I took one of there standard tests…after all, I did major ion history!

Did OK for an old man!

While taking the test I heard an abnormal sound coming from the front yard so out to investigate I went.  But first, I needed my pipe, magnifying glass, and deerstalker chapeau.  There it was, as big as a truck!  It was a truck…delivering fresh sod to our neighbors. 2200 pounds of sod per pallet and they got two pallets this morning.  It was quite an interesting truck!

On Saturday mornings I usually recap the week and plan for next week.  Now that the carotid artery was “fixed”, which was the likely cause of the TIA,  it is time to move on to the aneurysm. As I was the paperwork from this past week (discharge notices,  preparations for next week, etc., I got a little bit concerned!

DamnIn the preparatory paperwork for the  brain aneurysm ” and my notes said it was “5 CM aneurysm”… OMG, that’s 2 1/2 inches…I immediately reread the notes and decided I really meant 5 MM (millimeters) or “only” 1/4 inch!

Did You Know? Depending on the aneurysm’s size, location and shape, it may be treatable from inside the blood vessel. This minimally invasive procedure is similar to the cerebral angiogram. However, in addition to taking pictures, a catheter is directed through the blood vessels into the aneurysm itself. Then, using X-ray guidance, the endovascular surgeon carefully places soft platinum micro-coils into the aneurysm and detaches them. The coils stay within the aneurysm and act as a mechanical barrier to blood flow, thus sealing it off. For an uncomplicated procedure, the hospital stay is usually one to two days. Recovery after the operation usually takes five to seven days.

No great issues today…The SCOUS issue has been dealt with!

We didn’t even leave the house today as we are trying to get Sue’s neck to settle down.  I pretty much stayed inside except for some visits to the shop as Amazon delivered me a series of “EZ Outs” which I had ordered. 

Always handy to have around!

Did You Know? A spiral screw extractor is itself a coarse-pitched tapered screw thread. They are generally left-handed, for use on right-handed threads, though there are right-handed extractors for removing left-handed screws.

The screw is first drilled out to the proper diameter for that extractor. The extractor is then inserted into this hole and turned in the direction opposing the stuck screw’s original one, usually using a tap wrench.

I wrote a long getter to Aunt Kaye (who is now 96)  and included some pictures from the old slides.

Aunt Kaye is the 1960’s!  She does not look that different today!

The rest of the day we spent either napping or watching TV.  We had planned to go to the Elks but we were just not up to it.  Between the last of the colds and the pain form the surgery, we decided staying at home was the best option! We do really miss our friends!

We watched “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World”, filmed in Ultra Panavision 70, which was a 1962 comedy staring everyone you could imagine!  It was almost 2 hr 54 min (174 min) long and even had an intermission!  Remember those days?

We had the iPhone on our hands trying to figure out who was who! Great fun!

We crashed at 11:00 PM after seeing some Gilmore Girls and having our tookie!

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