Sunday The Eighth!

Elizabeth asked her Sunday School class to sketch a picture of their favorite Bible stories. She was puzzled by Bert’s picture, which showed four people sitting in a plane, so she asked him which bible story it was meant to represent.’ The flight to Egypt,’ said Bert. ‘I see … and that must be Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus, ‘Elizabeth said, ‘But who’s the fourth person?’ Oh, that’s Pontius – the Pilot.’

Paul decided to work in the garden instead of walking today… He wanted to get the rest of the blueberries moved and set up for the netting of the blueberries.  We have been using the same netting for years now and we have it cut up just right and we have PVC pipe to hold it up and over the bushes.

A quick trip to the hardware store and we are ready to go to work!

About 3:00 PM we got cleaned up, watched a bit of TV and then 4:30 PM headed to Old Ranch for the monthly dinner dance!  The Finch’s were early to arrive and they are thinking of moving back to the UK so we took the opportunity to remind them of the weather!

They would live here but the damned Obama Care disaster got their insurance cancelled and to renew it would cost an arm and a leg.  Just thinking about Barry Obama and his lies makes my blood boil!  Oh well, his disaster is over and we are on our way to recovery!

We reminded the Finch’s about the weather int he UK

We did a selfie and Paul did not bring the big camera

We just enjoy life!

Brian is having a  ball discussing Orka… don’t ask and we won’t tell!

Brian confuses Oprah and Okra… On purpose!

Marsha about fell out of he seat laughing at Conrad and Brian discussing the finer points of Okra!

Marsha cracks up about the Okra discussion

Our friends get time to visit.

Marianne and Vicky Sway stories

Matching slings? Ed and Iris are all recovering form arm related issues.  Ed with a rotator cuff issue and Iris from tripping on a stair and breaking her arm!

The arms seem to be taking a beating these days!

Back home we go to watch the Hallmark Channel’s most recent murder mystery!

About Paul

Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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