We Are Trying To Get Back To Normal

We both got up late today… 8:00 AM, that’s amazing!  We just stayed around the house bt finally decided we would got to the Phoenix Club for a dance but after going to Old Ranch on the way, the blues was too big a force.

We were feeling a little insecure

Connor called and said he was coming to the Phoenix Club so we redirected him to Old Ranch.  He, and his lady, joined us.  We had dinner in the dining room and just talked until about 9:00 PM.  Good to talk to the young,, Got our mind off of Tom for a few minutes.

Back home we went and watched a movie before crashing.

About Paul

Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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