Onward To West Jordan, Utah

Left the hotel approximately 9:00 a.m. And headed towards State Route 9 (SR-9) which goes through Zion National Park.  It was a beautiful drive through the park and we stopped many times to take pictures. The most exciting part of that drive was going through the mile and one half long tunnel carved out of solid rock. Please join us for the ride through the park.

We are entering the park

We are entering the park

Look out, the switchbacks are coming… Hairpin turns up the side of a mountain!  GPS told us what was coming.

The 1.1 mile long tunnel was amazing.... Built in 1930

The 1.1 mile long tunnel was amazing…. Built in 1930

They ran out of room so they had to burrow through solid rock 1 1/2 miles!

Hold your breah

Hold your breath… It’s a tight squeeze!

On the way out of the park we stopped at Carmel Junction  (junction of SR-9 and US-89) and had a great lunch at the Thunderbird restaurant. The waitress was very helpful because normally on election day they cannot serve wine. We asked if it would be okay if we brought in our own. She did not know but offered to call the authorities. It worked out that we could bring in our own wine bottle from the car. It was a delightful lunch!

No, the sign is not incorrect… read below

No, the sign is not incorrect… read below

When the sign was originally built in 1930, the gentleman who made this sign misjudged the amount of space he needed to put in the words “Home Made Pies” so he decided to make it “Ho-Made Pies”.  Until recently with the ugly rap music no one paid any attention. The restaurant management decided that the history was more important than today’s music so he left it as is!

Paul had a piece of ho-made pie and it was excellent. Not as good as my Aunt Edith’s!

We go into West Jordan at dusk and checked into the hotel before heading to Laurie’s home.  We visited for several hours watching the results of the election.

We went to the Market Grill in the parking lot and had a drink before returning to the hotel.

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