Lilly Gots A Birfday! Number Two!

We did a couple of errands including the market before going to Becca and Zacks for Lilly’s second birthday party!  Great fun.  Join the activities.

Zachary is a real Daddy! We ar so very proud of him!

Zachary is a real Daddy! We ar so very proud of him!

"I gots a scooter! Call me speedy!"

“I gots a scooter! Call me speedy!”

It was also Memorial Day do we dressed up in patriotic attire.

Afterwords, we went to Old Ranch to get a glass of wine before going to Malarkey’s and meeting up with Brad and Susie-Q plus Irene.  Greg stayed close to home as he and David celebrated a little too much!

We had a load of fun at Malarkey’s learning more about Brad and Susie-Q.  Great friends; great people!

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