A Very Busy Day Indeed

We began with lunch at Seasons 52 and then over the South Coast Repertory Theater to see Zealot .  Summary: Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The British consul pours tea for the American undersecretary of state, avoiding her questions—with answers to ones she hasn’t even asked. (Diplomacy at work.) In the street below, a group of women sets in motion a carefully planned protest. The results are devastating enough to ignite a battle of wills and wits—now that a life hangs in the balance.


We then ran back to La Mirada and the Elephant Bar to have dinner with Amy, Joe, and Amy’s folks!  Then to the La Mirada Theater to see “Late Night Catacism – Los Vegas”.  Late Nite Catechism Las Vegas: Sister Rolls the Dice is the latest class in the sinfully funny Catechism series. The church needs a new roof, so Father Murphy has decided that Sister, with her extensive gambling experience running the Church Bingo for the last 25 years, will organize a Las Vegas night! Sister will tackle topics ranging from magicians to showgirls. Don’t forget: “What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas,” but God sees everything!

Funny with a capital Fun

Funny with a capital Fun

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