Golf & Dancing… A Nice Combination

I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach.  ~Elizabeth Barrett Browning

We played eighteen at Old Ranch with James!  Beautiful day and small breeze.  The geese  were happy to see Grandma Sue!  The game was pretty good after the first two holes!  After the game, I checked the pedometer and we covered 5.5 miles. That means this week we will have covered 14 miles (two and a half games).

Sue gooser swam over and came out of the water to "meet and greet"

Sue’s goose swam over and came out of the water to “meet and greet”

The geese know Sue and can spot her 300 yards away and begin their flight to be fed honking the whole way.

Coming in on a wing and a prayer

Coming in on a wing and a prayer

An amazing front-on shot of the geese making a landing.  They look very odd in the picture but they are transferring from normal horizontal flight to Vertical Take Off and Landing Mode.

Snack is served!

Snack is served!

We then headed to the Phoenix Club where we danced until 10:30!  Fun fun fun! After reading our email, we crashed!  Tomorrow is another big day!

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