A Great Day On The Courses & Movie Night

We started the day at El Dorado with Tim providing us additional instruction on how to survive golf.

Playing in the sand

We had lunch at the ranch and enjoyed a glass of wine before our 12:37 tee-time.  The weather was less that perfect and in fact it got cold on the 16th hole as we could see the fog/marine layer come in. The flowers seemed to enjoy it however.

Smiling up at the clouds

Noshiny reflections in the lake today

We went to happy hour and met up with everyoine before heading for home and watching “A Dogs Life” which was about a  bull terrier tells his life story, from the streets of the Bowery to a life of luxury. In the early 1900s, a bull terrier living on the streets of the Bowery rises from a street-tough engaging in dogfights to pedigreed show dog among the upper crust. All the while, he has two ambitions–to be reunited with his mother and to get even with his father who deserted her. The movie was produced in 1955.

Fascinating movie from 50 years ago+

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