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  • Friday Was GREAT! Friends, Fun, Friends, and Fun!

    Posted on August 20th, 2011 Paul No comments

    We began the day with breakfast at Old Ranch where we joined Mike and Monica plus James (first official day of re-retirement).  We then headed for the links at 10:52 and had a “great” day with James and Charlotte!  Paul shot 109 today as his swing is being adjusted by our Pro.

    We headed for the 19th hole and met up with Charlotte and Ted.  James had to go home to visit his baby Frankie.

    Lounging around and telling tall takes after the game is always fun

    Always happy... She had a good game

    Miss Charlotte... Our own private rooting section!

    Ted Conlin (WWII fighter pilot) entertains us with stories of yesteryear

    Afterwards we headed for home to visit the babies and then to Santa Ana.  Due to the magic of text messaging, we found out that Santa Ana had a power failure so we went VFR to Garden Grove where we danced to a new group (to us) called the The Fabulous Footnotes.  Please join the fun!

    Fun with friends


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