Doctors, Golf, And Taco Tuesday…

We began the day by putting the Jam Session page together and getting it out for our friends.  We then headed for the Doctor’s office to volunteer blood… Eek! Sue’s recovery is AMAZING but we are still going to visit the doctors as they desire.

We have a great little medical center just a short distance away

It was lunch time for Preveza was our target today.  Great food and loads of veggie options. We know the staff pretty well so it is always a friendly experience.

Hard to believe it used to be a hamburger stand!

We then headed to Old Ranch for a round of golf. James met us on the 8th Tee and joined us for the rest of the game.  We stayed for “Taco Tuesday” with James and Linda.  Food was pretty good.

It was a great day so it is time to go visit the babies and watch an old movie and some NCIS

The moview entitled “Merrity We Live”  was funny and it kept us in stitches.  It is amazing how movies have changed.  Now it is sex and violence the to be funny it has to get close to “dirty”.  Give us the 1930’s and 1950s any day!

Funny funny funny

We needs color when the movie is so alive?

Title: Merrily We Live (1938)
Duration: 95 min
Year: 1938
Synopsis: Dizzy society matron Emily Kilbourne has a habit of hiring ex-cons and hobos as servants. Her latest find is a handsome "tramp" who shows up at her doorstep and soon ends up in a chauffeur's uniform. He also catches the eye of her pretty Geraldine. Written by Daniel Bubbeo <>
Duration: 95 min
Release Date: 4 March 1938 (USA)
Filming Location: Arrowhead Hot Spring, California, USA

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