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It’s The Tooth Of July!

It must be Tuesday!

Today’s weather is as indecisive as a teenager in heat! It’s supposed to be in the mid-80s, so I’ll be sporting my ‘Gardening Costume,’ complete with a sunhat and flip-flops. Let’s hope I don’t scare the neighbors!

I put on my flip-flops and sunhat and headed to the garden at 8:00 am. Meanwhile, Mary showed up wearing her nightgown, two bathrobes, and a burka. She definitely couldn’t understand why she was feeling so warm!

After a quick trip around the garden, we headed for the local nursery, and I remembered I was desiring Mexican food.  Bahia was on the way!

What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? Nacho cheese!


Ostioneria Bahia Mexican & Seafood has been serving authentic Mexican dishes since 1991.

It was on the way to the nursery!

Breakfast/brunch was terrific!

We needed to go to the nursery after breakfast as we were attempting to replace our vining veggies.  We decided the Laguna Nursery on Tustin would be a good starting point.

We filled the trunk up with goodies and headed directly home.

As expected, they had everything!

We emptied the trunk and began planting as soon as we got home.  Mary took the front yard while I took the backyard.   In the back, I did some severe trimming of the dead leaves.   We have five spaghetti squash remaining, and they are easy to spot when the dead leaves and vines are removed.

Everyone loves these little beauties.

I spent a few minutes replacing some leaking hose bibs and then organizing the planting bench. The moveable trash cans sure come in handy when working, and making the space between the planters wide enough was a stroke of genius (if I don’t say so myself).

These 90-gallon beauties roll up and down the beds with ease.

By mid-afternoon, the heat was getting to me, and I was afraid my gardening outfit might give me a sunburn where. I did not want a sunburn, so I came inside until around 5:00 pm.  Mary remarked I am getting freckles on my tuchas.   Oh, dear!!

The patio flowers are going wild!

I popped over to Home Depot around 7:00 pm after having an excellent dinner courtesy of Chef Mary.   She stayed home and made stuffed eggs since we are going to Joe’s on the 4th, and the boys enjoy her eggs so much.

My basket was filled with goodies to water the lawn and garden, including a new rotary sprinkler and a two-port hose timer for the cactus garden.

We talked to Colleen, and she was not happy, as she had to put Dakota down. He was a magnificent dog—a 150-pound St. Bernard—but he had lived thirteen years and just ran out of gas. We know how she must feel, as Scout is not fourteen and is slowing down significantly.

We decided to give the grass sprinkler a full spa day to ensure every blade of grass gets pampered. After all, keeping our lawn looking fabulous is essential, especially during this heat wave. We expect the grass to come out looking like it just returned from a luxury vacation!

The yard is lit up pretty well at night.

We watched an action movie in which everyone gets shot, but in the end, the guys in the black hats eat dust while the folks in the white hats take a bow. I think they saved the world from a nuclear disaster or something like that!

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