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Hump Day Has Arrived! It Is Down Hill From Here!

The neighborhood rooster went off at 5:54 am this morning, leaving us six minutes before we had to get up and get started.   We did not want to be in a hurry, so we got ready to go to the gym and departed at about 8:15 am.  A walk in the garden can wait.

We had thirty minutes at the gym to ride the stationary bikes before working out.

One more time, and he will be dinner!

After an hour’s worth of physical abuse, we had just enough energy to walk across the Ralph’s Market parking lot to the bagel store. The cops showed up because people reported strange noises coming from the parking lot. It turned out to be our bones creaking after the workout.

My bones seem to produce an F-flat melody, and Mary’s is an A-sharp. We make beautiful music together. We sound like two cats fighting inside a 100-gallon trash can!

The cops gave us two shots of WD-40 and sent us along our way.  This seems to happen to us more and more as we get older.

Just the knees? I think not!  My everything creeks!

Mary had an “energy bar” bagel, while I opted for the “Everything But The Kitchen Sink” bagel. We had a latte and sat in the store, downing the bagels. People stared at us, and I overheard one lady saying, “They smell like a service station.”   I guess it was the fumes from the WD-40.

We made it home and then walked the garden, Mary in her workout uniform and me in my “get an all-over tan” uniform!  As an added benefit, my outfit scares away the birds and small rodents!

The first stop was visiting the rooster killer.’ Yeah, right!  That baby doggie would not hurt a fly unless he thought they were sky raisins.

Our rooster chaser was out of commission this morning.

We sauntered down the path to the veggie garden, and I felt like someone was staring at me. Mary’s garden decorations seemed to follow my every move, probably because of my gardening attire!

Well, I never!

The apples are going great, with two of the four species coming along nicely. The other two will be waiting until late summer to bloom and produce.

The apples are doing well.

Mary loves the purple flowers, and these spotted gladioli are magnificent.

Talk about purple!

What do you call a grandpa flower? An elder-berry!

What is special about the gladiolus? These blooms are very rich in symbolism. Generally, gladioli represent strength of character, faithfulness, moral integrity, and remembrance. Gladioli are actually the traditional 40th-anniversary flower and the birth flower for the month of August!

We visited the Hawaiian Islands for a few minutes and observed how our pet pineapple was doing. He has been in the ground for almost four months and is getting some green growth. It takes 18 months to grow a pineapple, so next year, we will know.

Once you have a pineapple, you can grow another one from the top. After chopping up the edible flesh, don’t toss the remnants away. Recycle the pineapple’s top by planting it to regrow it into a houseplant that will produce fruit.

Why did the pineapple stop in the middle of the road? It ran out of juice!

The pineapple we planted from the January Hawaii trip is doing quite well; just another year to go!

We worked in the garden for about an hour.  Mary observed that my gardening outfit was turning a little red, so she suggested we go indoors for a while.

The timing was perfect, as our cleaning crew arrived at 1:30 pm.

We love our roses.

While the cleaning folks were here, we went to the dry cleaners and delivered my dark suit and tuxedo so they would be ready for our trip to Ireland in a week. Returning home, I took a two-hour beauty nap; it did not work.

Mary fixed a super dinner of homemade beans and a salad from the garden.

We got cleaned up and headed to the Tustin Senior Citizens Center for an evening of dancing. Mary was wearing her new dance shoes, so we only stayed for about two hours before going home to read and eventually crash!

Dancing the Night Away: The band was extra good tonight. We waltzed and two-stepped and did several other dances this evening.

She is such a dear!

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