Dave McTevia, Golf, & Friends-Family

Today was difficult in that we met with Dave and his two daughters and went through the medical condition and prognosis.  We decided to do it at Old Ranch since it it so nice and is quiet.  It is tough to have to be a friend at the end and have the difficult conversations. However, this is life and it must go on.

Dave with daughters at Old Ranch

We got a 1:30 Tee-time and headed for the course.  Bunny was going to play with us but she decided to relax.  See below:

Furry jammies???

When we came in guess who was there?  Mitch and Zack were doing a job for Old Ranch via their Direct TV company.  After work we introduced them to our friends and had a drink or two.

Mitch, Zack, and Grandma

Dang… Time passes when you are having fun!  It is almost 7:30 so we packed up and headed for home.

All we can think of is "Irate Chihuahuas"

The Del Mar Site was finished today!


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