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Thursday Has Arrived! We Planted A Small Part Of The Winter Garden

Oh, dear!!

We started the day with a great cup of coffee!

“We waited until 8:00 am to start working in the garden.  We have some bags of raised bed amendment and peat moss to add to one of the beds.  After that, we must turn the soil by hand to ensure the amendments mix well with the ground.”

We added amendments and dug them in.

Mary begins the proceeds while I keep digging and transplanting certain vegetables.

We are planting the garden.

We asked Scout to come out and assist us, but he had other plans!

The dirt looks great with the new amendments and peat moss mixed in.  Some of the straw mulch from last year remains, but it will soon decompose.

The first to be planted.

Bed number one is 95% complete; we await the final tomatoes to ripen at the north end of the bed.  Watered with care, they will be growing and on our table in sixty days.

We have cabbage, cheddar cheese cabbage, brussel sprouts, beets, onions, kale lettuce, broccoli and cauliflower… so far.  More to come.

Almost full.

You can almost hear them grow already!

We still have summer tomatoes growing (at the end of the bed).

Mary and I attended the Girls’ Night Out event at the Elks and enjoyed a delicious lunch.  We both ordered salads, but Mary tried their soup special while I opted for a bowl of chili.  We also brought a bowl of chili home to share with our neighbor, Jeff.  Bob Z., George, Bill C., and Will T. attended this afternoon.

I had to share a funny cartoon!

Definitely “Bait and Switch”

We discovered that “DJ OZ” is our dear friend Ronnie.  Knowing this, we decided to sign up for the event, as we knew he’d play excellent ballroom dance music for two hours.  Bob Z, Vicky, Jim, and I have reserved a table near the dance floor.  Other friends may also join us.

Yeah, a place to be on New Year’s Eve!

In the past, cities would adorn their main streets with overhead decorations.  These decorations are no longer typical as they require a lot of effort to install and remove.  Based on the newest car in the picture, it was taken in 1959.

Remember when?

We decided to skip the nursery and take it easy instead, as we had a busy evening planned.

We got gussied up and departed for Andrei’s Restaurant at 5:30 pm for Mary’s Orange County Ophthalmology Meeting.  Carefully sourced American fare comes in a chic, modern space with loungelike seating & a hip vibe.  It is at the corner of Main and  Jamboree!

Mary stayed downstairs in the conference room, and I wandered upstairs to the bar and dining area.  I found a seat at the end of the bar and spent my time drinking, eating, and scanning Quora for the latest on the wars underway.

Outstanding food and vibe!

The speaker this evening was Mongel, the son of Jan Mongel, our dear friend.

They were pleasantly surprised to see each other.

We went home after the meeting and slept.  Mary has a 6:30 am gym appointment, while I have a doctor’s appointment in Los Alamitos at 10:30 am.


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