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Time To Go To The Elks & Manheim Steamroller!

Hey, why not?

Mary and I spent a few hours at the office today.  She was making phone calls while you were cleaning up and preparing our Christmas website for 2023.  Later on, we got ready and went out to meet the gang at Elks for “Girls’ Night Out.”

The day’s problem was what to do for New Year’s Eve.  We do not have a solution yet, but something will come up!

Italian cuisine is indeed something that can bring a lot of happiness and joy. From the amazing aroma of fresh herbs to the mouth-watering flavors of pasta dishes, there is something about Italian food that just makes you feel good. Whether it’s enjoying a delicious pizza with friends or savoring a hearty plate of lasagna with family, Italian cuisine has a way of bringing people together and creating wonderful memories. So, happiness can definitely start with Italian cuisine!

So we went to Franco’s Italian Restaurant before heading to the Cerritos Performing Arts Center to see Manheim.  Everyone ordered, but I asked the manager to surprise me, which made him look worried.

The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later, you’re hungry again.

Dinner with dear friends.  Mary, yours truly, Jim, Vicky, Ed, and Betty

We had a lovely meal and laughed for an hour and a half, but I couldn’t understand why Spumoni was so amusing.

Did You Know?  Spumoni is a traditional Italian dessert that’s a milk sherbet.  Sherbet is not quite ice cream and not quite sorbet and has the addition of dairy — usually milk or buttermilk.  This gives it a slightly creamier texture than sorbet, as well as a lighter, pastel color.  By law, sherbet must contain less than 2% fat.  It consists of three layers: chocolate, pistachio, and almond.  In Italy, it’s often made in a terrine, hardened in the freezer, and then cut into slices about an inch thick.

Excellent food!

Chef-owner Francisco Gracia’s restaurant offers fresh, authentic, Italian and Continental cuisine.  Chef Gracia has created the perfect menu blend that highlights his culinary rage and skill.  Don’t be fooled by its exterior; a gem is inside Franco’s Italian Restaurant and Bakery.  The delicious food, exceptional service, and family-style charm at Franco’s create a delightful dining experience.

Just us getting ready for the concert.

Off to Cerritos Performing Arts Center, where the Manheim folks made merry!  Mannheim Steamroller is an American neoclassical new-age music ensemble founded and directed by percussionist/composer Chip Davis in 1974.  The group is known primarily for its Fresh Aire series of albums, which blend classical music with elements of new age and rock, and for its modern recordings of Christmas music.

Wow, it was terrific.

Scout was upset he had to stay home, so I arranged for a local butler service to provide him with a relaxing night in.

Scout decided to stay home and rest!

The background was interesting. Manheim has six musicians and “borrows” local talent, making the entire group almost 16 strong.

The visuals were captivating.

2008, Chip Davis underwent surgery, preventing him from touring or performing with the band.  Rather than forcing the tour to stop while he recovered, Davis hired additional musicians to replace him temporarily.  He also created two different lineups of the band, nicknamed the “red” and “green” touring companies.

We had snow!!

LED backdrops make for excellent presentations

Listen to their fantastic music!

After the show, we went VFR (Visual Flight Rules)  for home, where we crashed without even turning on the TV!

Yes, she is!

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