Golf And Dinner With Family

The day was beautiful!  Well into the high 70’s with near cloudless skies!  Sue shot a 94 today… She could not miss.  We did see a battle of the birds… Three crows went after a hawk right above our heads!


Battle of the birds...


un on the 19th hole

Did you Know? – The average 18-hole score for the average golfer remains at about 100, as it has for decades, according to the National Golf Foundation, an industry research-and-consulting service. Among more serious recreational golfers who register their scores with the U.S. Golf Association, the average handicap index, a scoring tool, has dropped 0.5 strokes since 2000. On the PGA Tour this year, the average score of players has risen, by 0.28 strokes, compared with 10 years ago.

Upon arriving at 19, everyone was there!  Bunnaford & Tom, Charlotte, Eriie & Jon and several others.  We had a drink and swapped stories.

We then headed for Kamal Palace which is one our our favorite Indian restaurants and met with Mitch and Luisa to catch up on what is going on!  Good news on the work front with Mitch and we are going to assist Luisa with a website for her company.


Mitch and Luisa
We were greeted with snoring when we got home

We finished the evening by watching NCIS and part of a “V”.

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