Goodness; We Are On The Go Again!

We were moving at 5:30 am because we had to drop off the Silver Fox for his 40,000-mile service in Newport Beach at 8:30 am.  We needed time to visit the garden, have our coffee, and clean the house before the house cleaners came to visit!  Based on this mileage, the Fox puts on about 1,000 miles a month!  I guess we are really on the go!

We dropped the car at Tustin Lexus and reported the computer connector was not working.  Everything else was already planned!  They even changed the air in the tires.

My wife had her driver’s test the other day.  She got 8 out of 10.  The other two guys jumped clear.

We love our Lexus 350 Hybrid!  (We get 45 miles per gallon!)

I got gas for $1.39 today.  Unfortunately, it was at Taco Bell.

It was 9:00 am, and Mary’s doctor’s appointment wasn’t for two hours, so we went to Green Leaf restaurant in Newport near the corner of 17th and Westminister.  We first went there when we were dating.  The food was excellent.  Mary did their egg sandwich special, I did the veggie burrito, and we shared a bagel and cream cheese.

We dined outside and watched the world go by!

My Vanna White impression!

Vanna White, eat your heart out!

Since we had time, we walked about six blocks to assist in the digestion of a wonderful breakfast! We visited the doctor’s office, and everything was fine.  As we departed, we heard Mr. Squirrel playing in the trees.

All he could say was, “Nuts!”

What did the squirrel say when his tail got caught in the door? …It won’t be long now!

We visited the Lexus dealer located in Tustin and collected our Silver Fox.  He looked great as he was serviced and given a bath!  The car was in good condition, and the only issue was that the computer power port was malfunctioning, caused by spilled coffee.  Even though it was not covered under warranty, they generously replaced it, and now Apple CarPlay is working again!

Mary received a call from the local High School while waiting for me to checkout with the Lexus service department.  They offered her a full-time teaching position in sports medicine. However, Mary declined the offer, stating that she would like to teach, but not on a full-time basis. The administrator agreed to meet her next week to discuss a possible arrangement. Mary has previously taught doctors at USC and UCI for twenty years, and she thinks it would be fun to teach for one day a week.

Returning home, we put the Silver Fox down for his nap and took Mary’s Rocket to Michaels.  We left a frame and a picture at Michael’s yesterday to get a glass and a backing, and they called this morning saying it was ready.

Precious (a.k.a. The rocket) awaits to take us home at .99999 the speed of light!

Oh, meet Stanley, our firstborn.  He was named after the founder of Princess Cruise Lines. Stanley B. McDonald was the founder of Princess Cruises, one of the largest cruise lines in the World.

The baby gets his first drinking lesson!  The question is now, who gets to burp him??

At 3:00 pm, we had a long conversation with our financial and insurance advisors.  We decided to merge our policies to save some money.  The conversation lasted an hour, but the outcome was great.  Marshall has been my financial advisor since 1995, and Mary has also been using him as a sounding board for her investments.

Listen to some good advice; one of the only things Facebook is good for, as everything else is mostly nonsense!

We talked to Colleen for a while and have settled on a date for next year’s Caribbean adventure!  Colleen and Mark will be joining us! It will be 16 days on one of the newest cruise ships, and it will sail around the Caribbean and go through the eastern locks of the Panama Canal and around Lake Gatun before exiting back into the Caribbean!

As I approach eighty, I want to spend some quality time with our kids and get time to share.  Like Robin and Bob, Colleen and MArk are just fun to be around!  It keeps us young!

After her conversation with Colleen, Mary immediately went to the kitchen as it was almost 5:00 pm and we hadn’t eaten since 9:00 am. She had taken out a dozen chicken drumsticks, which were her favorite part of the chicken, to thaw. We coated them in breadcrumbs and arranged them in three baking dishes that we had preheated in the oven with two tablespoons of butter in each. After baking for thirty minutes on each side at 400 degrees, we had a delicious dinner fit for a king, and snacks for the next two days!

I told Mary, “If you think your chicken coop is haunted, you better call the eggs-orcist!”

The chef at work, but behind the scenes is the overworked sous-chef and bottle washer, me!

We watched an episode of Gunsmoke; Marshall Dillon befriends an outlaw, and because of a woman, he shoots someone and, in turn, gets shot!

Fall is coming this Friday, but already the evenings are getting cooler!  Scout and I took an amble in the backyard before going to bed; Scout needs his before-bed pee-pee!

The Moon was going down at 10:00 pm.

The house looks a little haunted these days, with ghosts, witches, and other goblins hanging everywhere.

I’m just hanging around.

What a day, just running around taking care of business with my best friend.  We laugh, giggle, talk seriously, and hold hands all day.  We are two lucky people finding each other “late” in life and enjoying each other’s company!

About Paul

Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet. I lost my best friend and wife in early 2020. I was blessed again by reconnecting with Dr. Mary Côté, a long-time friend. Mary and I got married July 28th, 2021, and are enjoying life together and plan to spend the rest of our lives being a blessing to our friends and family.
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