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Work And Play! What A Day!

It is frightening!

A gardener’s work is never done.  The potting bench becomes a “catch-all” very easily when one is working in the garden, so this morning, it gets organized, complete with water/weatherproof containers for the tools and other essentials.

Getting organized!

It is a thing of beauty, how long it stays that way is a different story!

Finally, we can work on the bench!

Since the veggies are starting to come in, the sink had to be made available so we can wash them before going in the house,

The sinks are available.

Indeed, the “vineyard” is in place, and we have some baby grapes.  No, they are not wine grapes, it is not hot enough here, but we do have table grapes available.

Our newest sign is posted.

Bark, The Wonder Dog, joined us for lunch!  He wanted to hear about Patch, a potential little brother who we may meet the first few days in June,

“I want to meet Patches as soon as I can!”

We worked in the front patio repotting some older plants that were root bound.

Off to the Elks, we went in the Silver Fox for a Starlighter’s Dance.  Our friend, Jan, turned us down again, so we had an extra seat at our table; we sat with Bob and Donna, plus Irene and Cyndy and her son Haley.

Getting ready to dance!

Mary takes a gander at the tribute to Iris, who was a showgirl in the 1940s and is still out dancing at the ripe age of 97!

Yes indeed!

Donna and Mary are just delightful to be with.  Where is Bob?


We headed home around 9:30 pm as tomorrow we have to be at the Honda facility at 7:00 am for the Grey Ghost to get serviced and probably a battery change!

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