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Friday We Were On The Go!

Here are a few fun facts about dirt: 1 Tablespoon of soil has more organisms in it than there are people on earth . 15 Tons of dry soil per acre that pass through one earthworm each year.  1,400,000 Earthworms can be found in an acre of cropland.

We worked in the garden (the small one) today and planted a batch of herbs and greens.  Now Mary can walk outside the kitchen and get fresh herbs all year around.

Mary works the garden.

We were awaiting the arrival of the dirt and right on time, at 3:00 PM sharp, we heard the horn.  We scampered around and spread out tarps on the driveway.  Four trips from Blue Ribbon Supply, just around the corner from ut, filled the driveway!

Honk Honk! The dirt has arrived.

Mary’s car stayed inside while the other two cars took their positions in front of the house!

Twenty yards!

Mary brought the delivery man some fresh muffins, her speciality!

No cars get out of this driveway!

We continued working in the house while watching Gilmore Girls.

We continue binge-watching Gilmore Girls.

Being gluttons for punishment, we went to the Elks to listen and dance to Five Star Band,  It was a super evening.



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