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The Week Starts Over! Foundation Boards Are Placed.

Fact: The iconic stone heads protruding from the ground on Easter Island are familiar to most, but many don’t realize what lies beneath the surface. In the ’10s, archaeologists studying the hundreds of stone statues on the Pacific Island excavated two of the figures, revealing entire torsos, which measure as high as 33 feet.


Mary is on patrol, checking to see if any varmints got into the tomatoes. It looks pretty good from my perch next to the firepit.

Man is the only kind of varmint that sets his own trap, baits it, then steps in it. – Author: John Steinbeck

First things first, inspect the garden! Looking for tracks! Perhaps a mountain lion, octopus, crocagator?

Scout knows something is out there because, at night, he sniffed the tomato plants and barked.

“M-m-m-m-m-m How did I miss whatever it was??”

Mid-morning, I got a text from Vicky, and it set me back a bit.

Look who I came across this morning when I met Brenda and her mother for breakfast. Yes, Vince and Nancy, and it was so lovely to talk to them. Vince looked around and asked me. “Well, where is Del? So I let them know as they did not know. Then when Brenda came in, they wanted to know where Sam was, and I had to tell them, and Vince was shocked. They both looked well.

Vince and Nancy.

We did some chores around the house, getting ready for the party. We visited Jan and then went to the market for supplies.

Upon returning, we inspected the progress, and there is still some serious forming to do before the concrete arrives.

We are making progress, albeit slow!

It’s my duty to visit and find us good things to eat. Mary can fix anything. Tonight is tomato pie night, and I must tell you it was WONDERFUL!!!

Mary has a new recipe.

I chopped onions and tomatoes while Mary got everything ready to go into the oven.

I sliced and diced the goodies.

The last step is a coating of cheese mixed with sour cream!

It looks like fun, and no wonder she is smiling.

We popped it into the oven and waited. We watched new releases of Virgin River while the stone did it work! Storyline: Seeking a fresh start, a nurse practitioner moves from Los Angeles to a remote Northern California town and is surprised by what — and who — she finds. We have been awaiting the fifth season. The fourth season was released on July 20, 2022.

The pie came out and had to sit for about 30 minutes before we tried it. I find myself being impatient because it smelled so good.

I remember once I tried an apple pie. Following a recipe, says I need: apples, five cubed. 125 sounds like a lot of apples for a pie!

Topped with cheese and baked for an hour.

The pie was finally cool enough to cut. I had a memory from years gone by. A slice of pie is $2.50 in the Bahamas. A slice of pie is $3 in Jamaica. Those are the pie rates of the Caribbean.

We both had two pieces; that was dinner tonight.

Dinner? Nope, pie! We are old (at least I am), so I can have dessert first! After dinner, we crashed as it was about 10:00 PM.

One final thought; I should not have turned on the nightly news!

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