Girls Night Out, Yeah!!

Fact:The closest state in the United States to Africa is Maine, which juts out further east into the Atlantic than most people realize.

It was hot last night so we opened the front and back doors.  They are security doors with an amazing stainless steel screen that keeps everyone out.    The frame is bolted into the house and it will withstand anyone attempting to break in.

Of course, we have security cameras and motion-activated lights at every entrance to the property.  Plus, Scout the Wonder Dog is ready to chase any unknown people away!

We cool off the house by opening the back and front doors; a great breeze does the job quickly!

We headed to the gym bright and early so we could punish our tired old bodies in the nice air-conditioned comfort of the equipment room. Remember: “Exercise: The joy of flex.”

The word ‘aerobics’ came about when the gym instructors got together and said: if we’re going to charge $10 an hour, we can’t call it “jumping up and down.”

Those weights really provide a workout of the biceps.

How can she smile and be in pain at the same time?

Workout complete; let’s drink!

We departed the gym and headed home to water Scout and take home for a walk.

We talked about the news that was on this morning and there are a lot of STUPID people in this world!

Oh so true!!!

We ordered and are awaiting our delicious meal.  Mary did Swordfish and I did the capellini with bottom feeders.!

Just us!

We had a great time with the gang, loads of laughing and gigging were obvious.

The Gang.

Bob and Mary; a great team!

GFod Bless America



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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet. I lost my best friend and wife in early 2020. I was blessed again by reconnecting with Dr. Mary Côté, a long-time friend. Mary and I got married July 28th, 2021, and are enjoying life together and plan to spend the rest of our lives being a blessing to our friends and family.
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